Saturday, 15 March 2014

Saturday, March 15, 2014 -

Daddy Meanest

by John Benson
Published: Jan 16, 2014
Words: 23,842
Category: fantasy
Orientation: M/F
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Daddy Meanest

"You're just doing this to spite me," Daddy grumped. "The gossip divas are already feasting on my flesh."

Typical Daddy, somewhat clueless, utterly self-absorbed. "Not everything's about you, Daddy," Kaylee said. "If I didn't really want to do this, if I was hurting myself just to spite you that would be... ick. I'm not that vindictive. Not that crazy."

"If you want to have a sexual experience, why don't you just contact a licensed professional. I'm not a prude, honey, I'd understand. Or if you want a real affair you could always just hook up with some nice boy from school, register a temporary arrangement. It would be a one-liner in the tabloids and blow over before lunch. But to spend your whole summer vacation in temporary slavery? Why? It's not as if you need the money. I just don't get it."

He never did get her, at least since Mom went away. "I know, Daddy," Kaylee said. "You always gave me everything. But you did it for your own reasons. To try to make up to me that Mom was gone. To say sorry for being too busy so we didn't have time to hang out. So I grew up with all this stuff but it wasn't because I deserved it. It never mattered what I did. I could be as nice as anything, or be a spiteful little shit and I'd still get stuff. You just gave and gave, but it was never the two things I really wanted. Love and discipline."

"Love," said Daddy. He looked deflated, like someone had let some of the air out. "I know I wasn't there for you. Guess I was selfish, but when Carla went, I grieved. Wasn't much room left for you, I guess. And the only thing that seemed to take the ache away was work. So okay, let's admit it. I was a shitty dad. But please don't rent yourself out as someone's sex toy. What if you wake up and find you don't like it? You'd still have to fulfill the contract."

"You just see sex for money," Kaylee said. "Maybe the guy will, too. But for me what really matters is the discipline. The being punished. The having to obey. I've never had that in my life. Ever. I need to know what it's like. Maybe I'm just doing research, Daddy. Exploring the recesses of my twisted little mind. Maybe I just need to do this to get it out of my system. But it's been a dream of mine for a very long time. As soon as I was eighteen, I told myself. But then it wasn't a good time because I'd put off the college search thing and had to do that. And then I was nineteen and had to go to summer school to re-take a course I messed up. So then I told myself, okay. If I buckled down. If I got a 3.0. If I didn't have to do any summer make-up, I'd do it. Well, now I'm twenty and I'm all caught up and I promised myself I was going to do this and it doesn't really matter if you understand or not."