Saturday, 29 March 2014

Saturday, March 29, 2014 -

A Submissive's Dream Fulfilled

by Paul Markham
Published: Feb 12, 2014
Words: 24,657
Category: general
Orientation: M/F
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A Submissive's Dream Fulfilled

It never ceased to amaze Helen that it was perfectly feasible to become stuck in a 3-lane crawl of traffic even at one o'clock in the morning - even on a Sunday morning! As a result the very positive feelings that had been growing in her all evening as she and her partner Mike had sat at a very well-supplied table with their hosts, enjoying the benefits of Julie's culinary skills and of the refined taste of John, Julie's partner - also CEO of the highly successful company where Mike was working - had all but vanished by the time they finally turned off the motorway and made their way along the side-road that led to the home that they had created together during the nine years that they had shared.

Helen went into the house whilst Mike parked the car in the garage. She threw her very expensive leather handbag onto the table in the hallway then kicked her equally expensive shoes off. Even though she had nothing whatsoever to prove to her partner or to their hosts for the evening, she enjoyed taking the time and trouble to look somewhat different from her normal workday appearance - which was by no means displeasing to anyone who met her. However, Helen had a mind of her own and she was not one for being deflected from her intentions, no matter how well-meaning people were in reminding her of just how attractive she was. This was not to suggest that she was in anyway unhappy with the way she looked - it was just that Helen liked things to be at their best. Second-best did not feature in the dictionary where she was concerned. Paradoxically, she was remarkably forgiving and tolerant towards others who did not always emulate her efforts at achieving the highest standards and who failed to make the best of their attributes and talents. Surprisingly, one such person was none other than her partner, Mike, whom she had known for a good twelve years and with whom she had shared the previous nine years of her life.

Part of Helen's efforts at achieving the high standards that she had set for herself involved at least twelve hours a week at the gym, where she and Mike had joint membership. To look at them both, it would appear that their membership fee was well spent, but part of the credit for Mike having kept himself in fairly good condition had to go to a local and very successful rugby team in which he played quite regularly as a prop forward.

Mike was about six years older than Helen and, consistent with his sporting role, he was tall and ruggedly built. He was also ingenious and imaginative, characteristics that served him well in the workplace and in his social life. Having graduated from a very forward-looking Northern university with a first class honours degree in Chemistry, he had found a very promising position within the Research and Development Department at a small but highly successful and adventurous textile manufacturing company, which had had the vision to sponsor him after two years service, for a post-graduate course in Materials Sciences, in which he had specialised in textile research.