Monday, 24 March 2014

Monday, March 24, 2014 -

A Spanking Good Holiday

by Rue Chapman
Published: Jan 31, 2014
Words: 21,933
Category: romance
Orientation: M/F
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A Spanking Good Holiday

"I need a man. Desperately."

Dylan stared at the well-filled emerald green bikini in his doorway. This was the fantasy he'd cherished ever since he was fourteen. Dreams do come to life, apparently.

"Please, I want you, right now. I have to have a man right away."

It was a very attractive bikini, attached to an hourglass figure. Dylan reluctantly forced his gaze to move up a little, scanning eyes that almost matched the green of those lovely triangles of fabric, a cute little nose and pointed chin, full lips, and chestnut coloured hair (a previous girlfriend had objected to his description of 'orangey-brown' and trained him in hair colour recognition).

"Please? Now? It's urgent."

Just after he arrived last night he'd heard someone moving into the holiday unit next to his, and hoped they'd be fun neighbours for the next two weeks. Looked like he was going to be having a whole lot more fun than he expected.

"Uh, sure, ok..."

She spun around and bounced down the path. He followed in a happy libidinous haze, enjoying the rear view immensely. Her slender waist flared out into rounded hips, and that tiny bikini was working hard to stay in control of a lovely full bottom. Luckily it was failing in the task, and two smooth cheeks peeped out from under the valiant little piece of fabric. Above that, her hair fell in rippling curls down to her waist. He looked at the cheeky view again... this day just kept getting better and better.

The entry to her unit was around the corner of the building. He followed the bouncing bottom around the turn then collided with her - she'd stopped short. Reluctantly he stepped back, hoping for a whole lot more collisions in the near future - the feel of her soft roundness against him was better than any fantasy he could imagine.

"There." She was pointing at a small white car.

Hmmm... back seat of the car? A traditional location, but not nearly as comfortable as indoors. Maybe that was a sign that he was getting old. At fourteen he'd have been in that car in under a second. At thirty he wanted someplace more comfortable, and private.

"Maybe you could come back to my place? It's cooler there."

"No, I want to stay here while you do it. I need to know it's done properly."

Somewhere deep in the last logically-functioning part of his brain, Dylan started to wonder if they were on the same track.

"In the car?"

"Yes. Go on, do it."

That horribly logical voice was getting stronger. He had an uneasy suspicion that they weren't thinking about the same thing at all.

"Um.... do what exactly?"

She handed him the car keys and pointed to the rear of the car. "Open the boot."

She couldn't use a key for herself? He shrugged, women were a law unto themselves. As long as they wore bikinis, it didn't matter how illogical or inept they were, it was worth it for the view.