Saturday, 8 March 2014

Saturday, March 08, 2014 -

A Celebration with Warmth

by Ross Mariner
Published: Jan 16, 2014
Words: 23,580
Category: romance
Orientation: M/F
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A Celebration with Warmth

"Enough of that, young lady!" he said, and slipped her panties down.

Only moments before, Sophie, clad only in her short, sheer nightie and silky panties had been standing by the bed, contemplating both the significance of the day and her morning ablutions. She had, before heading for the bathroom, muttered in a most unhappy tone, something about being very unhappy with the result she got on adding a one to the number to which she had been accustomed for the past 365 days of her life. One more year, and that number would end in a Zero! "I don't like it," she had said in a rather grumpy tone. She had been amazed at how rapidly he had moved.

In spite of the fact that in a few months he would be entering what, according to his calculations, would be his last decade, there was still a certain amount of agility in the old man. She was not quite certain exactly how it all came about, but instead of starting her short walk to the bathroom, she was over his lap, head and upper body supported by the bed, legs dangling toward the floor, and her bottom raised in the manner she still remembered from certain painful and embarrassing childhood moments.

From past experience, Sophie knew that the arm about her which made her feel comfortable and wanted, would also hold her firmly in place, no matter how she tried to get up. There was no sense fighting the inevitable, and she settled herself to accept what was coming. It began as it always did, with her panties being taken down. At least she did not have to do that herself, something she'd always hated doing as a little girl. Things were different for the big girl, though, there were times when she wanted him to see her acceptance, submission, and most of all, her gift to him. However, if he was serious, like now, the preparations were done for her. No nonsense. Into position, panties down, stingy spanks, panties up, a hug and it was over.

She could not help enjoying the hug, and there was no time for butterflies in her tummy as she felt his hands doing things with the skirt of her nightie and then her panties. There was a moment of tingliness as she felt her panties slide over the mounds of her behind, and then her lower curves were bare and ready.

His arm tightly about her once more, she felt the warmth of his open hand pressed into the soft flesh of her bottom for a few seconds, one light pat and the first good smack landed. It was quickly followed by more, each landing on a different part of her mature and very, very pretty bum. The spanks were applied as punctuation marks while he talked. "You ... will ... not ... keep talking about your age ... as though you are ... getting ... old."