Thursday, 16 June 2016

Thursday, June 16, 2016 -

The Corporal Punishment Officer

by Jacqueline Scott
Published: May 26, 2016
Words: 23,574
Category: femdom, lesbian
Orientation: F/F
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Mary Lansley, the wife of highly respected Justice of the Peace, Adam Lansley, was lying in bed with her lover's arm sprawled over her naked body. They had been like that since their lovemaking had ended about an hour previously. Slowly she surfaced, wondered where she was for a few seconds and then glanced at the clock beside the bed. She didn't quite believe what she saw and levered herself up to look more closely.

"Shit Johnnie, I should have been on my way home ages ago!"

She manoeuvred herself from under him, got out of bed and began to dress as quickly as she could. He watched her, admiring yet again her shapely taut body which belied her age - much closer to 50 than 40 now.

Within a few minutes she was in her car and driving fast through the dark countryside. She knew that she was probably over the limit - after all they had drunk at least one bottle of champagne before going to bed - but she really needed to try get home before her husband arrived back from one of these interminable meetings. She glanced down at the car clock and put her foot down harder on the accelerator. Suddenly she was going through a village and a young woman was crossing the road in front of her. Mary jammed on the brake and swerved. She managed to avoid the woman but in doing so clipped the corner of a car parked at the side of the road. There was a screech of metal on metal. Fortunately she was able to regain control of the car and it came to a halt about 30 yards further along the street. She looked in the mirror and saw the woman staring at the car. She didn't look hurt in any way, however, so Mary put her foot down again and shot off.

When she drove into the large courtyard of the house she was relieved to see that Adam's car was not there, so parked her car with the corner of the car that had been damaged away from where he might see it when he got home. Mary wasn't completely stupid, however, and knew that there were likely to be recriminations eventually, but for the moment she had got away with it.

It was only five minutes later that her husband came through the door. Unfortunately for Mary, it was only five more minutes before the doorbell rang, and within a minute or so her husband returned with two policemen - a sergeant and a constable. Her problems were about to begin.

The interrogation was brief and to the point and Mary was breathalysed after admitting that yes, she had had a minor accident on the way home and had not stopped.

The sergeant looked at the reading shown on the meter and turned to her husband. "I wonder if I might have a word in private, Mr Lansley."