Saturday, 11 June 2016

Saturday, June 11, 2016 -

Ruth's Regression

by Rose St. Andrews
Published: May 21, 2016
Words: 26,564
Category: ageplay, school
Orientation: F/F
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Chapter One

Ruth was mortified beyond measure. It wasn't just that she was across Lucinda 'Momma' Fletcher's lap getting spanked on the seat of her panties, she was used to that by now. No, it was that she was lying there side by side with 'sister' Sarah. Mrs. Fletcher had a very big lap! Ruth was a grown woman, twenty-years old, and yet she was being spanked like a naughty child because, in the Fletcher home, she was a child.

"Ouch!" Sarah yelped. "Mom, come on it's not that big a deal."

Ruth cringed. She wasn't all that worldly and knowledgeable, but she was sharp enough to know that Sarah wasn't winning any points with her mom. Crack! The extra hard smack she got right to the center of her behind proved it.

"Ow! Momma, we're sorry; we won't sneak friends into the house ever again, promise."

Ruth couldn't believe she'd just said that word: Momma. She'd been done with calling anyone that wonderful term of endearment for a very long time. Lying there, Momma beating out quite the tune on their poor bottoms, Ruth's mind slipped back over the course of recent events. How had she come to this?

It had started innocently enough...

Ruth had worked at the Daybreak Diner for five years. She'd started as a dishwasher when she was fifteen and still in foster care. Her foster parents had thought it a good idea, a way of teaching her the value of hard work and she could earn some money of her own. By the time she finished high school (finished, not graduated), she was a waitress.

That was where she met the Fletcher family. They came in every Sunday morning for breakfast and Ruth instantly loved them all. The concept, the very idea of an intact family was totally alien to her, and she loved being around people who so clearly loved and cared for each other deeply. Watching the girls grow had been the most amazing thing of all, especially Sarah, the oldest. Every time she had a growth spurt, on their next visit she and Ruth would stand back to back to compare sizes. At fourteen, Sarah was half a head shorter than Ruth - but two years later, their situations were reversed!

"Goodness, girl, don't you ever eat?" Mrs. Fletcher would say.

The girls would giggle and Mr. Fletcher would sigh.

"Dear, you say that every week," he'd say.

"Well, it's true. Ruth, I'm serious, are you eating enough?"

"I'm fine, thanks for asking. They feed me real good here. Now, you folks save room for dessert? We got fresh blueberry pie!"

The girls let loose with a chorus of 'yes', but Ruth had learned long ago that it was Mom and Dad who had the final say.