Wednesday, 8 June 2016

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Helen's Spanking Adventure

discipline and humiliation in Tennessee
by Ken Burke
Published: May 11, 2016
Words: 31,966
Category: domestic discipline
Orientation: F/F, M/F
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Chapter 1

My name is Helen, and my friend Sandy and I were college roommates. Sandy always had a fantasy about being spanked, and when she visited me she was given an opportunity to live out that fantasy. I had no such fantasy - I actually grew up in a spanking family and for me, spanking was just a matter of discipline and punishment. While I readily agreed to provide the spanking experience for Sandy, what surprised me were the sexual aspects. The sexual excitement it brought to Sandy made me aware of the erotic side of spanking. I got a real charge from spanking her thoroughly and seeing her reactions and the arousal the spankings and other punishments had on her... and I could not help overhearing her use of her vibrator in the bedroom next door to mine every night after her punishments. It turned me on so much I was determined to experience a spanking again, so the night before she left I asked her to spank me. I even asked her to use her paddle so I could have the full experience. While it hurt as much as I remembered, the new sexual connection made it an entirely new and thrilling experience.

But four years have passed since then and there has been no opportunity for any repetition. However, about a week ago Sandy called. It seems that she had made arrangements to stay with my sister, Linda, and her husband Paul, in their cabin in the Tennessee mountains, and the agreement was for Sandy to be subject to their discipline just like she was subject to mine when she visited me.

Apparently things were going so well for the first week that she talked to them about asking me to join the fun. Only this time I would be among the spankees, not the main disciplinarian! That's what she called about. Was I interested? My mind is still reeling at the thought. Would I be willing to subject myself to spanking and punishment from my much younger sister? Would I be willing to include her husband? My heart raced and my faced blushed with the images and thoughts that went racing through my mind. I could not pass up this chance, so barely pausing to think, I agreed!

Now I am wondering what in the world I have gotten myself into. Unlike Sandy I am not so petite that I can play the role of a much younger woman who might naturally be subject to juvenile discipline. I am larger than both Sandy and my sister Linda and obviously older than Linda. So here is the scenario that Linda and Sandy have worked out: I am to be myself - Linda's older sister. But I have made some bad choices in my life and got myself into some trouble. Linda and her husband Paul have agreed to bail me out but on one condition - I am to be put under their control just as 'Cousin Sandy' is.