Saturday, 25 June 2016

Saturday, June 25, 2016 -

Rebecca's Second Childhood

an age regression story
by Jake Lindsey
Published: Jun 10, 2016
Words: 42,551
Category: ageplay
Orientation: F/F, (M/F)
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Chapter 1

It was going to be a big adventure! Excited and a little scared, 21-year-old Rebecca had packed her bags with everything she would need for her year away from home: a year of travel, seeing new countries, expanding her horizons ... a trip of a lifetime ... and she was doing all this by herself.

Picking up her bags, Rebecca kissed and hugged Maggie, her landlady and surrogate mum, then walked from the little terraced house and climbed into the black cab that was going to whisk her away to the airport.

Rebecca smiled at Maggie and called out, "Thank you for everything, Maggie."

"Take care, Becky. Make sure you behave yourself and come and see me when you get back."

Rebecca knew she would miss Maggie. She had lived in her house for the last three years, during which time she had been to University and studied history, gaining a very creditable 2:1. It was Maggie who scolded her when essays were late, who praised her when her grades were good, and on quite a few occasions punished her when she felt it was deserved. Early bedtimes, groundings and a smacked bottom had all been used to good effect. Rebecca blinked back a tear and looking through the cab rear windscreen, waved goodbye as the cab drove off.

"I guess you are off travelling then? Where are you going?" asked the cab driver.

Rebecca smiled. "I'm flying to the USA, then crossing the country and in about two months I will be in California... after that I'm off to the far-east, Thailand, Vietnam, and then Australia."

The cabbie smiled back in his mirror. "Have you remembered your passport and your money? I've had a few of you young teenagers forget them in the past."

A quick check in her pockets confirmed she had everything. "Yes I have them, thank you."

The rest of the journey passed quickly and before long Rebecca was presenting her passport and checking in her bags. The woman at the check-in looked at the passport and then at Rebecca. She liked what she saw: a pretty petite brunette with a pair of nicely tanned legs, about 5' 2'', hair in a pony tail, dressed in trainers, pink ankle socks, white shorts and a pink crop top that showed a flash of tummy and the beginnings of breasts, but obviously no bra. Then the woman attached two red flight tags to the Rebecca's bags and put them through to the loading area.

"One moment please." She smiled at Rebecca and then got up and disappeared around the back of check-in with Rebecca's passport, which she showed to a lady security officer. "Helen, look at this passport. I swear she looks 14 or 15, has the most adorable freckles, and I think she is off travelling."

Helen nodded. "OK, I will check her details; perhaps we have found what we are looking for."