Monday, 30 May 2016

Monday, May 30, 2016 -

Alice's Education

strict discipline in a girls' college
by Susan Thomas
Published: May 5, 2016
Words: 36,916
Category: domestic discipline, institution
Orientation: M/F
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Chapter 1

The Affiliated Churches of Repentance support the Charnock Amos Jones College for Young Women.

The Charnock Amos Jones College for Young Women offers undergraduates the opportunity to choose from over forty areas of study in a wide ranging program. Our strong Christian ethos is accompanied by consistent goal setting and discipline in a caring environment.


Alice was waiting for her spanking but really wasn't sure what to do with herself. She had pulled out the upright chair as instructed and it now stood in the middle of her room. The door was open but that made her nervous for she could hear the others getting their discipline. There were ten students in this 'house' with a supervisor who was the one administering the spankings. Unfortunately Alice was number ten. At first the sounds hadn't been too bad; they were distant enough not to be frightening. The muted sound of the wooden hairbrush smacking down on a bare bottom, the cry that followed deadened by room and distance. Now it was the seventh and it was all too clear. Alice tried hard to think who the girl was... Kathleen, that was it. Kathleen was wailing hard now as the crisp sound of the hairbrush smacking her bottom reached its climax.

The spankings weren't long, just very brisk affairs of about a minute. It is surprising how many times you can get a hairbrush to smack a girl's bottom in that time. The spanking ended abruptly but Kathleen was still sobbing and crying but then so had the other six. Alice was trembling all over as if with cold at the thought of getting hers. At first she had sat on the chair to wait but when the third spanking began she had leapt up and gone to the door and peeked out. Several other girls were peeking out too but they all pulled their heads in when they saw each other. They had been warned to stay in their rooms and wait. The belt was the promise for anyone not found in their own room.

Alice was in her room, but moving around tidying things she had already tidied several times. Again she thought of taking off the leggings she was wearing and putting on a skirt. The seniors who had taken them around had suggested that if you knew you were getting a spanking, a skirt with no panties was best. It meant that when you went over the disciplinarian's knee the skirt just had to be lifted; it was the least embarrassing way. Alice had felt rebellious about that; there was a big emphasis on wearing skirts or dresses but it wasn't compulsory and she didn't see why she should. Now she was frightened that if she started changing she would be halfway through when suddenly he would be there to spank her. That would be worse than tugging her leggings and knickers down.