Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Tuesday, May 10, 2016 -

The Disciplined Male - Volume 2

by W. Arthur
Published: Apr 8, 2016
Words: 25,197
Category: femdom
Orientation: F/M
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Summer Break

Joel Preston planned to spend his summer break from college getting a tan. However, painting his uncle's house was not the way he wanted to do it. Rather, he had visions of sitting in a lifeguard chair at Shermahorn Beach, letting the sun fall kindly on his bare shoulders while he watched nubile young women frolic in string bikinis. Unfortunately, his mother had other ideas.

Kevin Fitzhugh was Joel's mother's baby brother and her favorite sibling. Uncle Kevin's National Guard unit had been called up and deployed to the Middle East for six months. Someone had to paint the house, perform minor repairs, and care for the yard while he was away. It didn't matter to Joel's mother that Kevin's wife, Cara, would be there. Thus, after several heated discussions, a few serious threats, and the offer of a thousand dollars to work around the house for six weeks, Joel agreed. What else could he do?

So now, on a hot sunny day in mid-June, Joel was standing on a step-ladder at the rear of the split-level house that belonged to his Uncle Kevin and Kevin's schoolteacher wife, Cara. Hanging from the ladder was a bucket of white primer and a roller. The siding of the house seemed to go on forever; however, at least he was outside with his shirt off.

He had been at the house for three days and had rarely seen his aunt, a woman he barely knew anyway because she and his uncle had only been married for three years. All Joel really knew about her was that she taught high school English and was about the same age as Kevin - perhaps mid thirties. Joel didn't think she was necessarily a bad looking woman... for her age. She certainly didn't measure up to the young slender co-eds he was used to lusting after at Green Forest College.

However, today she was home, her obligations to the high school completed for the year. Joel had seen her briefly in the kitchen earlier this morning, just before he went outside to work on the house. She had smiled at him and casually told him that she would be having a few friends over later - colleagues from work, she said. Joel had nodded politely and then went about his business. What Cara did with her 'colleagues' didn't interest him, unless they were planning on helping him with the painting or the yardwork.

The cars began pulling up to the house around ten o'clock. By ten-fifteen, Joel could see five early middle-age women plus Cara gathered in the lower level family room. They were sitting casually in chairs, munching vegetable sticks and sipping ice tea. He didn't really intend to watch them; however, he was working on that side of the house and their conversation was loud and animated - something about school politics that somehow degenerated into a discussion about the relative adequacies and inadequacies of men in general.