Saturday, 7 May 2016

Saturday, May 07, 2016 -

Claimed by Her Master

by Abigail Armani
Published: Apr 8, 2016
Words: 40,780
Category: sci-fi, romance, fantasy
Orientation: M/F
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Vanessa shrugged off her robe and slipped naked into bed, shaking her long hair so that it fanned out on the pillow in a cloud of rich-brown with glints of gold where the sun had kissed it. Pulling the sheet over her she closed her eyes and sighed contentedly. This was the time when she often pleasured herself, delighting in the sensual gratification induced by a moistened finger on her clit. Sometimes her gasps and moans crescendoed into screams of delight that had to be buried in the pillow lest they wake her uncle sleeping in the room opposite. But tonight there would be no heady self-indulgences for she had sat up until the early hours engaged in a different form of pleasure - reading. She loved to read, devouring the written word, thirsty for knowledge; but reading late into the night made her weary and long for sleep. Her eyes closed of their own volition and sleep came quickly... and with it, her dreams.

He was with her again; a muscled hunk of a man, tall and broad-shouldered with a powerful chest, he stood ramrod straight and rock-jawed, his piercing blue eyes alight with virility and intelligence as he gazed at her. A thatch of dark hair curled into the nape of his neck, and his skin was tanned by sun and wind to the colour of wild honey. He took a step closer, moving purposefully on legs that were long and hard with thighs of iron. Vanessa felt herself blush beneath his scrutiny, and try as she would, was unable to look away.

They were standing on the crest of a high cliff on a narrow headland that overlooked the broad expanse of ocean, the waters still and glistening beneath the vast night sky, a blanket of midnight blue interspersed with glittering luminous stars. And behind them to the east gleamed the towers and spirals of a city, sleeping peacefully in the shadow of the moon.

A hint of a smile lifted the corners of his mouth as he spoke. Just one word: "Vanessa." Then his expression became stern. "Vanessa. You know you shouldn't be outside the city walls at this hour. You will return with me. Now."

"Shan't," she said defiantly, "and you can't make me."

"Oh but I can," he said softly, and advanced with the grace and agility of a predatory mountain lion. "You were warned, girl, yet still you disobey."

"But I like it out here," she said, stepping backwards, and then whirled round to run. But she had taken only three steps before a strong hand gripped her arm and another snaked around her waist, propelling her into his embrace. "Let go!" she said crossly. "I'm perfectly safe. Nothing will happen to me."

"I beg to differ." Clutching his wriggling bundle he strode towards a rocky outcrop; the central rock had formed a broad ledge and jutted out like some primeval throne.