Thursday, 19 May 2016

Thursday, May 19, 2016 -

Trisha and Her Daddy Dom

by LSF Publications
Published: Apr 16, 2016
Words: 31,200
Category: ageplay, bdsm
Orientation: M/F
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Chapter One

Joe was very happy in his life. Standing in the main rotunda of his camp, he looked out over his dominion. Granted, it wasn't much, merely a camp for teens, but it was all his. Well, his and the bank, but he was working on dissolving that partnership. That was the whole reason for this special weekend party: get more butts in the bunks. That was his biggest problem. It wasn't like the old days when his pop ran the place. Back then, kids enjoyed getting out in nature. These days, the teens were so wired into the internet and social media that two of them sitting next to each other would rather text each other than talk! He wasn't being facetious either; he'd literally seen it happen.

That was yet another reason for the special open house today. While his camp catered to teens, he'd told the local families it was okay to bring the little ones. Some of the camp counselors thought him mad, but there was method to that madness. First off, he was sowing the seeds of potential future campers. If the wee ones saw what a great place Camp Hideaway was, when they got old enough they'd ask to go there. On the other hand, their older siblings would see it as a sanctuary from their whiny demanding younger sibs.

So, while the counselors showed the parents and teens around, Joe got a break, and just sort of meandered among the picnic tables where the little kids were being kept and having what he called the 'Teddy Bears' Picnic'. He liked doing themed events, and so every table had several teddy bears. They had food and drinks, games and crafts, and could just run around and play. Joe smiled. This was a role he relished, being a father figure to children in need. Most of the little ones here seemed happy and well-adjusted, but there was one troublemaker who caught his eye. Actually, he'd noticed her before; she was cute as a button. Just a guess, but she looked no more than fourteen, unruly blonde hair, slender firm figure, barely five feet tall, and probably not more than a hundred pounds soaking wet. Her red and blue t-shirt seemed too big for her, and her khaki shorts were faded and dirty.

She was happily eating and drinking and playing with some of the teddies, but then she started acting silly and throwing sandwiches. He chewed his lip. It was time to step in to have a word. She grabbed a teddy, threw it in the air, and scampered off across the rotunda lawn. Joe gave chase, but kept his pace at a rapid walk as he didn't want to attract any attention. She was headed north toward the lake, passing the recreation center on her right, and he caught up to her near the end of the building.