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Tales of Sex & Spanking: Volume 1

by LSF Publications
Published: Apr 15, 2016
Words: 24,693
Category: general
Orientation: M/F
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Miss Alexander's Weakness
by Clifford Dorset

The following notes, passed to me by a contact at a boy's school in my locality, appear to have been written by the Headmaster of that school, although no doubt that august gentleman would deny any connection and perhaps even initiate legal proceedings for defamation of character. I am making available these notes secure in the knowledge that they will not be widely seen.


I felt somewhat overheated following my rather extreme chastisement of young Lucy. Following her departure from my study, closely followed by Miss Alexander, who had assisted me in her caning, I stood in contemplation at my window, looking down on the majestic sweep of our driveway, and allowing the sunlit serenity of the parkland surrounding our school to work its magic upon me.

The disturbing bulge in my trousers had finally begun to abate, although when I saw Lucy leaving our hallowed stone portal and start to make her way down the drive, its decline was (regrettably) reversed. She was walking somewhat stiffly away from me, and I certainly felt considerable sympathy for her evident discomfort. However, I must admit that I also very much enjoyed the way her somewhat pained gait seemed to accentuate the naturally languorous roll of her perfectly formed youthful bottom.

It had only been a few minutes since I'd allowed her to let her skirt restore her modesty after her chastisement, but the sight of her skirt slowly falling over her cane-belaboured buttocks as she stood in the corner will long remain with me. I smiled as I remembered that she had not felt up to the task of restoring her knickers to their rightful place; she had carried them in her hand as she had left my study. Beneath that swinging skirt, therefore, she was naked as she walked from the school.

Such thoughts, needless to say, did nothing to reduce my embarrassing bulge, but in the few minutes following Lucy's disappearance beneath the trees that flanked the driveway it had mostly faded away, and I was more-or-less decent as I turned from the window. I remember, however, allowing myself a smile of satisfaction. I had achieved a most necessary advance in this young lady's education, and I would be able to report this success to my sister, the Lady Amelia, the following day. She would no doubt be pleased.


I decided to stroll around the school, looking in on the boys in my charge as they worked diligently with their prep before supper. I hadn't heard my bursar, Miss Alexander, leave her office, but then she is always quietly unobtrusive and I judged that she would certainly have left by then. Certainly I thought nothing of it as I opened my adjoining door and entered her office.

I must say, though, that I was more than surprised. I was shocked.