Friday, 1 April 2016

Friday, April 01, 2016 -

Finding His Mistress

by Rose St. Andrews
Published: Feb 25, 2016
Words: 25,446
Category: femdom
Orientation: F/M
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Chapter One

"OMG, Benji, is that you?" a woman said.

Ben snapped to attention so hard his little paper hat almost slid off. No one had called him that name since he was a little kid! Granted, he wasn't much changed from then: thin, gangly, and not quite five-foot five. Still, it didn't matter, these days it was Ben or Benjamin. Slowly he turned, and had to tilt his head to look at the lady. She was quite the sight. He would not be surprised to learn she was at least six-two, and she was built like an Amazon warrior.

She smiled; an array of dazzling white teeth gleamed at him. "It is. Benji Baker. It's been what... ten years?"

"Ummm," Ben stammered.

He still couldn't place her. Her firm body had the most incredible curves he'd ever seen, and her double Ds were pretty much at his eye level. Yet, there was something about her that was familiar. He cast his eyes up and down her long frame. She was in designer jeans (super snug), a dazzling blue blouse, and had a head of long full blazing red hair. It was the hair and her milky-white skin that rattled a memory remnant inside his head.

"You don't remember me? Why, Benji, after all those long nights together?"

His jaw dropped. "No. Angelina, is that really you?"

"In the flesh, as I see you've taken note of," she said with a smirk.

He felt his face heat up and didn't need a mirror to know he was blushing. "Um... I... well, it's just that... well, you grew out-up, you grew up!"

"I did indeed do both," she said, placing both hands on the restaurant counter and leaning toward him, her upper 'assets' on prominent display. "Huh, but it looks as if you only got taller. Gee, Benji, don't you eat? Look at you; you're all skin and bones."

He rolled his eyes. "You sound like my mom."

"Well, she's right. Hey, how are your parents? I have seen them-"

"Ah-hem," a stern voice said.

Ben cringed. He didn't have to turn around to know who it was: Phil Templeton, the manager. He was forever on Ben's case about working harder and faster.

"Um, Angelina, I can't really talk now," he said quickly.

"Quite correct," Phil said, stepping up next to him. "Miss, if you'd like to order something, please do so. If not, please move along. I can't have Ben wasting his time."

"Humph, wasting his time?" she shot back. "In my opinion... oh, never mind. Benji, how about we get together for coffee after you're done here? We can catch up on old times."

"Um, yeah, sure, fine. See you at seven."

She nodded, turned, and sauntered off. Ben drew a long slow breath of air.