Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Tuesday, March 29, 2016 -

Judicial Spanking Tales

by Frank Martinet
Published: Feb 24, 2016
Words: 23,818
Category: judicial
Orientation: M/F
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Discipline Day

The moment Eva awoke on the second of February she was sweating and tense, though without knowing why. Her clock radio was cheerfully blaring REM's It's the End of the World As We Know It and she angrily slapped it silent.

Her palms were damp and her heart was thumping like a machine gun. A grim sense of dread overwhelmed her and she wanted to weep. Her dreams had been troubled and intense, but they were so vague that she was baffled as to the source of her anxiety.

Eva sat up, puzzled, mentally going over her physical situation and the world around her. She was in her own cozy bed. Bright sunlight seeped in through the edges of the blinds indicating a glorious day outside. She wasn't hurt in any way, and there was nobody else in her penthouse. She was warm, safe, and healthy. Why did she have this oppressive feeling like a thousand-ton weight was on her chest? She could hardly breathe!

Then she saw the calendar on the far wall with the date circled with a large red X through it and suddenly, like a kick to the gut, it all came back. "Oh fuck," she muttered. Her hands trembled as she sat at the end of her bed.

Today was the day. After eleven months of worry, chaos, anxiety, frustration, paperwork, plea bargaining, begging, and negotiation, her time had run out. Her attorney had tried everything - he'd filed a dozen motions that had been rejected, exhausted every appeal, and delayed the inevitable as long as he could. He finally concluded that Eva had the best deal she was going to get and advised her to just "take her medicine" and get on with her life.

"Oh fuck," muttered Eva again. "Fuck fuck fuck!"

She stood and walked into the luxurious bathroom, studying herself in the giant mirror. Even she had to admit that despite the stress of a restless night, she looked fabulous. She wore a tiny pale blue baby doll top that left her midriff bare so she could admire the flat belly four workouts a week and a careful diet gave her. Her full breasts stretched the fabric so thin she could see the distinct shape of the eraser-tips of her nipples. Below, she wore tiny red panties, so sheer they were practically invisible. She turned slightly, admiring the jut of her famous ass.

Not for the first time Eva wondered what portion of her fame and success was due to her skills as a singer and what amount was attributed to the gorgeously full rump the Good Lord had blessed her with. After slaving away in anonymity for nearly five years with two unnoticed albums released, she'd become an overnight sensation in her Gotta Booty video wearing a thong only a little more revealing than these silk panties. Two double platinum albums later she was a superstar.