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The Secret Diary of a Disciplined Wife: Volume 1

by Ronnie Soul
Published: Feb 4, 2016
Words: 20,876
Category: biography, domestic discipline
Orientation: M/F
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My name's Ronnie and I'm a spanko, mother and businesswoman. I'm happily married to my wonderful husband Peter who gives me spankings when I'm bad - and also when I'm good! I'm happy to share with you some deliciously kinky real life accounts of my adventures in domestic discipline. So welcome to my diary ... read and enjoy!

Rough Hands
It's warm

June 6th

Well I'm almost ashamed to have left it this long to tell you about last weekend, I was being lazy and seeing how the weekend in its entirety went first. So I'm a few days late updating you. Sorry about that, but I'm in holiday mode :)

I was scheduled to work alongside my husband for the three days of the long bank holiday weekend, under his direction, doing things I didn't know how to do but still generally helping out as best I could. Rewards were apparently on offer if things went well, consequences if they didn't. I did ask Peter what the consequences might consist of and what sort of things might cause them to be applied, but he didn't give me a proper answer... he just smiled and told me I'd have to hope I didn't find out.

So without going into all the boring bits involving tools and tiles and paint and the like, I can say that Saturday went very well indeed. In fact it went so well that about two thirds through the day Peter said we should work late then grab a quick shower and go and eat out. He asked me to book a table at an Asian restaurant in town, and also said I should ask our son and his girlfriend if they wanted to join us. He was in a very good mood, and things were going smoothly. I booked us a table... only just though as they were busy. Towards clean-up time I got the occasional squeeze or pat on the backside as my husband moved past me; he even said he was looking forward to a nice hot shower and it was a pity we couldn't share one as our son and his girlfriend would be at home. Too right it was a pity, I thought, but didn't say anything.

We had a drink in town and an excellent meal at Qmin, where they serve super food and it's not at all pricy. You can get a basic balti there if you want (Peter often does) or you can trust them to come up with fish dishes delicately spiced and served stylishly by attentive staff who know what they're talking about. It suited everyone and there was good humour all round ... until I went and spilled half a glass of red wine over the sleeve of Peter's shirt.