Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Tuesday, March 22, 2016 -

Turning Back the Clock

an age regression novella
by Geraldine Roberts
Published: Feb 15, 2016
Words: 29,528
Category: general, ageplay
Orientation: F/F (mainly)
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1. Julia Roberts

The doctors had never been able to come up with any proper treatment for me and in the end, they mostly just tried to offer some reassurance that everything would finally work itself out and told me to be patient. It was not so easy though. I still used to see all my old school friends, but felt I was steadily falling behind and becoming more and more out of step with them. There were times when I just wanted to cry out loud with frustration. I often thought to myself, if I could only disappear for two or three years, maybe even go to prison, or much better, to a tropical island, just while I grew a bit taller. But I had always known that was an impossible dream. I couldn't then have imagined how things would turn out for me.

The doctors used to tell me that my physical development was out of step with my real age. It was something to do with my hormones apparently and should correct itself over time, but as things stood then, I was already nearly twenty and at college, but still with the body and face of a younger girl just entering her teens. Apparently it's a rare condition, but it's not unknown and affects about three girls in a thousand. There's even a special name for it - Eisendorf's Syndrome, whoever he or she may be.

So there I was, just five foot nothing and although I usually wore a 32A bra, which I have to admit I sometimes still padded out with tissues, I could really get away with just a crop top. Getting a proper drink in the pub or even going to the cinema for adult films was nearly impossible, unless I was dressed up and with a crowd of my older looking friends. When I went out, I nearly always wore heels, usually boots hidden under my jeans, as I look silly in stilettos. And then I had a way of piling up my hair which gave me an extra couple of inches; that and careful makeup.

But then it looked as if my wish was finally being granted. Not prison and unfortunately not a spell in paradise on a tropical desert island; for me it was back to school again. But if I hadn't decided to get a flat by myself last year, none of what I'm telling about, would ever have happened.


It all began one Tuesday, soon after the new term started. I had just popped out from my flat to go to the local corner shop to buy some milk for my breakfast cereal, when I bumped into Mrs Roberts. She was with her kids, a girl of about twelve or thirteen and a younger boy and she seemed a bit surprised to see me there.

"Hello. It's Sue isn't it? What are you doing in this part of town?"