Monday, 14 March 2016

Monday, March 14, 2016 -

Spanking Encounters of the Female Kind

by W. Arthur
Published: Feb 5, 2016
Words: 37,520
Category: general, femdom
Orientation: mixed
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It was late January in 2000, and the approaching night was cold and exceptionally dark. The snow that had started that morning continued to fall steadily, enveloping the entire region in such a white haze that the elegant manor house seemed to be even more remote and cut off from the rest of the world.

Just before eight o'clock Magda put another log into the massive stone fireplace that was the centerpiece of the intimate sitting room. Skillfully, she worked the log into the glowing embers until it ignited, and a soft, warm fire licked the gray limestone and bathed the room in a pale orange light. Magda looked at the fire and smiled. Then she stood back away from it. At forty-years-old she cut an imposing figure: self-assured and immaculately coiffed, her slender but sturdy frame was draped with a flowing, thigh length black cotton dress and black stockings. She was a wealthy woman at peace with herself, and she looked every bit of it.

Satisfied with the fire and the room arrangement, she rang a small crystal bell, the signal for the others to gather in the sitting room. As the seven female guests of The Manor methodically assembled, Magda looked at the oak paneled wall above the fireplace. There, prominently displayed, was a long brown leather strap with a crude wooden handle on one end. It appeared to be old and well worn. Next to the strap on the wall was a heavy wooden Spencer paddle; this also looked old and well worn.

As the women took their places in the cushioned armchairs near the fireplace, Magda turned toward her guests. They were a diverse group of accomplished professional women. Like her, they were mature and self-assured. And, like her, they shared a passion for spanking.

Once the guests appeared to be settled and attentive, Magda sat down in a chair facing them, scanned the room, and began to speak. "I trust that the food and accommodations are up to their usual standards," she said. There was a general murmur of enthusiasm from the group. "Good," she continued. "Although each of you has been a frequent guest here at The Manor over the years, you may not realize that today is the tenth anniversary of our founding." The assembly expressed surprise, then broke into a subdued but sincere applause. "I have appreciated your continued support, and I thought in recognition of this milestone we might entertain each other by sharing the story of how each of us was introduced to the one thing that has brought us together." The eyes of each guest immediately lit up at the prospect of discussing and exchanging details of the one true passion they had in common. Magda noted the reaction and smiled. "Then we are all agreed. Since I am the host and the proprietor and know exactly what I want to tell you, I will go first. You will each then get a turn, following my lead."