Sunday, 27 March 2016

Sunday, March 27, 2016 -

The Disciplined Male - Volume 1

by W. Arthur
Published: Feb 18, 2016
Words: 24,965
Category: femdom
Orientation: F/M
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Revenge with a Ruler

Raymond Cutter, looking resplendent in his new khaki chinos and navy blue blazer, smiled broadly as he ascended the wide concrete steps leading up to Benjamin Harrison High School. In fact, it wasn't until he had actually cleared the massive bronze and glass door and began to smell the old, musty wood and linoleum inside that the memories of his misspent adolescence finally emerged.

Ten years ago he had hated this school and everything in it. But now he was back, tiptoeing through the cavernous hallways in search of the classroom he would occupy for the next nine months as the new tenth grade English teacher. Finally, after nearly ten minutes of seemingly directionless walking, he found his new home - room 264, an old, undecorated classroom at the end of a short hall on the second floor of the gigantic turn of the century school building.

Carefully, Raymond turned the knob on the wood and glass door, and reluctantly it creaked open. Inside, he found a near disaster. Everywhere desks were turned over; torn textbooks were piled high in a dusty corner and the chalkboard was hanging by one bolt. The young teacher smiled in spite of his chagrin over the condition of the room. "I see this place hasn't changed much," he said to himself.

He set down his new leather attaché case on one corner of the massive desk in the front of the room and began to pick up the chair desks. While he was so occupied, another man appeared in the doorway. The newcomer was middle aged and balding. "You must be the new guy," he greeted cheerily. "Welcome to Benjamin Harrison."

Raymond turned quickly, somewhat startled by the sudden intrusion. Immediately, he recognized the newcomer as George Ames, the veteran eleventh and twelfth grade history teacher. He finished aligning the first row of chair desks and walked over to greet his caller. "Thank you, Mr. Ames," he said, grasping the hand that was extended out for him. "It feels good to be back here."

George Ames stepped back and studied the new teacher. "Did you go to school here?" he asked finally.

Raymond smiled and nodded. "Yes, sir, ten years ago."

The veteran teacher still looked puzzled as he struggled to remember the face. "Were you ever in my classes?"

Raymond returned the nod. "Yes. Eleventh grade... American history."

"I thought I remembered most of my former students, especially the smart, ambitious ones," he said. "But you just don't look familiar."

The new teacher chuckled a little. "Well, I wasn't so smart and ambitious back in the eleventh grade," he rejoined. "And I didn't look much like I do now."

Ames continued to scan his former student. "Okay, son, you got me," he declared, throwing up his wrinkled hands. "What's your name?"

"Raymond Cutter," Cutter replied.

George took another step back. "Raymond Cutter. Raymond Cutter..." he sputtered. "Yes, I do remember you... as something of a troublemaker."