Sunday, 24 April 2016

Sunday, April 24, 2016 -

Knickers Down, Nurse Dawson!

by Karl Quentin
Published: Mar 17, 2016
Words: 51,735
Category: general, femdom
Orientation: F/F, M/F, F/M
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Chapter 1

Sister Naomi Dawson was turning the pages of the job adverts in the Nursing Times when her eye was caught by the following:


Do you believe that modern nursing has lost its way? Do you yearn for the days of Matron? Are you sick and tired of sloppy nursing practices and hospital infections; of wards inadequately cleaned by outsourced labour? Do you believe that patient care is at the heart of the nursing profession, not targets set by self-serving politicians? Do you yearn for the return of strict discipline to nursing?

If this is you - as it is certainly us - and you are a ward sister of proven excellence and more than two years' experience, who would not object to tripling her NHS salary - then we may have the opening you have been seeking.

The Cedric Placebo Clinic offers superb care and treatment to the cream of British society. We are seeking a new sister with the above qualities to join our team of dedicated and highly motivated professionals. You will find that we pay attention to your development in areas that have hitherto been neglected.

Sister Dawson's pulse beat faster. She fit the bill in every detail! The youngest ward sister in the health authority at twenty-seven, with almost three years' experience behind her, Naomi combined high-flying career advancement with surprisingly old-fashioned values. A petite red-headed package of flashing-green-eyed energy and impatience, she filled out her shapeless baggy blue uniform in all the right places. She yearned for the days of proper dress uniforms, of white caps and starched dresses and smart aprons rather than these ghastly scrubs that did nothing for morale and commitment to the service. She was known and even feared as a fierce martinet, one who enforced the highest professional standards upon her staff and upon herself. She would not put up with the slightest lapse in discipline. Indeed, when she came across a gaggle of young or even older nurses gossiping at the nursing station when they should have been attending to their patients, Naomi had a secret desire sometimes to give them more than the tongue-lashing they inevitably received.

What some of these girls needed, she thought to herself, was to be taken into the office to have their knickers taken down and a stiff hairbrush applied firmly to their bare backsides! She would smile to herself in a rather guilty fashion. Where she got such ideas from she had no clue. They were not the usual ideas of a twenty-something young woman. But she cherished her private imaginings: how the idle girls' faces would stretch with consternation! How they would kick and bawl as she tanned some liveliness into them! How they would hop to it afterwards, scurrying around to carry out their duties giving their smacked bottoms a rueful rub! And serve them right.