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Attitude Adjustment for the Princess

spanking the royal bottom
by Carly Burton
Published: Feb 28, 2016
Words: 25,932
Category: romance, judicial
Orientation: M/F
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Chapter One: Day 1

Princess Alicia was standing in the dock, a scowl and a pout spoiling the natural beauty of her young face. She had just turned 18 years old. She alternately glared at her mother, Queen Dorothea and Judge Alder, the only other people in Court. Her robes clung lovingly to every curve of her body, her hair shone in the neatly braided style under a soft, gauzy veil but her haughty expression spoiled her appearance.

The Judge studied her and finally spoke. "Princess Alicia, your mother is concerned about your attitude, behaviour and disposition. You are selfish, have no concern for others, mistreat servants and have been spoiled to the point that you are not fit to rule!"

Princess Alicia spluttered a horrified protest and began raging against her mother, who stared blankly back at her irate daughter.

"Precisely my point!" Judge Alder replied.

When the Princess continued her tirade, the Judge shouted "Silence!" She was shocked into compliance.

"I sentence you to a week of attitude adjustment with one of the Court's punishment administrators. No one will know your identity, which is the reason you are far from home. If you dare to enlighten anyone, you will be sentenced to six months in a female prison instead. I need to warn you that this type of punishment is expressly meant to humiliate as well as reform a wilful young woman, so be prepared to be treated without the respect you are accustomed to! It is not normally used for the likes of a princess, but, needs must if you are to be fit to rule!" He paused, allowing time for the seriousness of the situation to sink in. "You will be taken from here immediately by Master Jay - our most respected Punishment Officer - and will spend a week in his care at his House of Correction. You will routinely be punished every morning, possibly every afternoon and evening as well. The morning punishment will be a ten-minute hand spanking, the following two may be a minimum of twelve strokes with the implement of Master Jay's choice." Alicia was simply staring, disbelief in her face. "Any bad behaviour, attitude or disobedience will incur either immediate punishment or an increase of the next punishment. Expect each punishment to increase in severity as the week progresses!"

Princess Alicia's knees weakened in shock and she stumbled, catching herself just before she collapsed. She stared at her mother, eyes beseeching for clemency. None was forthcoming. The Queen just looked her straight in the eye and then nodded agreement to the Judge and left the Court, silently.

"You will be known simply as 'Lyssa' from now until your release." The judge then pressed a buzzer and immediately a door opened and Master Jay entered, an imposing figure of a man, 6 feet tall, strong, stern features, muscled and fierce. "Master Jay, this is Lyssa, a highborn young lady in need of your correction. Take her away!"