Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Tuesday, May 26, 2015 -

The Spank Shop: Book 7

by Frank Limadere
Published: Apr 2, 2015
Words: 26,399
Category: femdom
Orientation: F/F, F/M
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Kimberley & Andrea

Kimberley Kennedy slipped inside the door of the Spank Shop and let it close behind her. She shivered, it was a cool morning and she needed to warm up. She immediately set to laying a fire in the reception area's fireplace, and had soon kindled a cheery little blaze. Coffee was her next thought; she needed a nice hot cup of coffee before she checked the morning schedule and settled into her working day.

The blonde eighteen-year-old was just about to go through to the shop's kitchen, when she thought about her employer, Andrea Mahony. Ordinarily the chestnut-haired beauty would have poked her head out of her parlour, asked Kimberley how she was, and for a copy of the morning schedule so she knew what to expect for the next few hours. However, this chilly morning there had been neither hide nor hair of the Spank Shop's elegant proprietress. Kimberley decided to check the parlour, and see if Miss Andrea wanted coffee.

"Enter," a tired voice came from behind the door at Kimberley's gentle knock.

Andrea was slumped in her armchair by the fire, she was still in her nightgown, and looked decidedly worse for wear. She was pale and there were dark circles under her eyes. Her normally vibrant wavy hair was limp and unwashed. Kimberley was, to be frank, shocked. It was unlike her sophisticated employer to be unwashed and undressed, even at this time of the morning, on a working day.

"Are you all right ma'am?" the teenager asked, the concern in her voice mirrored in her cornflower blue eyes.

Andrea nodded weakly. "Yes, dear. I just had a rather heavy night."

Kimberley frowned, and then she remembered that her employer had had a night out with friends planned for the previous evening. "Too much to eat?" she inquired impishly.

Andrea sighed, and her green eyes flashed quickly. "Drink, darling."

"You're hungover?" Kimberley asked.

Andrea nodded gently.

"Maybe Mum and I should handle things today," the girl suggested.

"Do you mind?"

Kimberley shrugged. "Mum will probably make a comment or two, and I'll have to do some creative booking, but I think we can manage, Miss."

"You're an angel, Kim," Andrea said gratefully, then asked. "Is my car in the driveway?"

"Yes," Kimberley replied with another frown.

"Oh thank goodness!" Andrea exclaimed. "I thought I may have left it at the restaurant."

"You drove home?" Kimberley asked, her eyebrows climbing into her hair.

Andrea nodded again, and closed her eyes briefly.

"And you were drunk?"

"I had enjoyed a few drinks with friends, young lady," Andrea replied in a tone that held more than a hint of reprimand.

Kimberley's lips compressed into a tight line, but she held her initial response back, instead suggesting, "Why don't you go upstairs and get into bed. I'll bring you up some tea and toast."

"Oh Kimberley!" Andrea exclaimed, rising slowly.