Sunday, 31 May 2015

Sunday, May 31, 2015 -

Spanked by the Vampire Sheriff

by India Heath
Published: Apr 9, 2015
Words: 27,129
Category: western, romance, paranormal
Orientation: M/F
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Black Jack, Douglas County, Kansas. 1865.

He was invading her dreams again. She couldn't discern all his features clearly; she never could, but she knew it was him by his overwhelming presence: it was a magnetic force that drew her into a deep sleep where her mind was free to wander and explore the dreamscape.

She was dressed in red, wearing an elaborate regency gown of deep cranberry, with a corset so tight she could scarcely breathe, and a full skirt supported by a cane-sided hoop beneath the layers of silk and lace. There was orchestral music playing in the grand house behind her and she glanced back through the wide open French doors to see people dancing and socialising. But his silent call and the darkness lured her down the wide stone steps and through the rose garden. Her dainty slippered feet skipped lightly over neat lawns, past the orange trees towards the pagoda nestled in the corner of the beautifully landscaped garden.

He stood in the darkened shadows: silent, still, and dressed in black. Despite his size he remained almost invisible, but she knew he was there. It wasn't just his voice in her head that drew her, it was the sheer power of his will. She was compelled to obey his summons.

"Hello, Master." There was a nervous tremor in her voice. She could hear it as she stood in the centre of the trellised gazebo, her hands clasped in front of her, head bowed.

He stepped forward, put one cold finger beneath her chin and lifted her gaze. "You were flirting with Viscount Graziani again." Colour tinged her high cheekbones. He saw everything. He knew everything. Dry amusement quirked his lips. "Was it your intention to thwart me, my love, or make me jealous?"

Her embarrassment deepened. "Neither, sir. I was just being polite. The Viscount insisted I partner him for the first waltz."

Eyes of the deepest indigo blue with an almost purple ring around the iris studied her beautiful face so intently she felt as though he were actually looking into her soul. "You've had three dances with him this evening, my little butterfly. Not to mention the coquettish smiles aimed at him from behind your fan."

She pouted prettily. "I'm surprised you even noticed."

He chuckled, revealing startlingly white teeth. "Ah, now I understand. You are cross with me for having been absent these last few days." His finger brushed her pale cheek. "I had business to attend to, sweet one. I did explain that to you. Besides," he tapped her nose, "you know full well I don't need to be standing beside you to know exactly what you're up to."

"Well that's fine for you, but I am not blessed with your insights! I've missed you."

His amusement faded. "Nothing about me or my existence is blessed," he stated bitterly.

Her grey eyes widened warily. He was such an indomitable force, every inch of him as dangerous as it was alluring.