Saturday, 23 May 2015

Saturday, May 23, 2015 -

Ruby & Jade Get a Spanking

by Katie Bradford
Published: Mar 26, 2015
Words: 24,140
Category: general
Orientation: M/F
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Ruby and Jade Get a Spanking

For over a year Lacey Hunter and Jimmy Stalks had been searching for the girls, with precious few leads. Oh, they'd had a call now and then from someone who'd said they'd seen them in a local mall, or sitting in a restaurant somewhere eating a burger, but when the detectives went to check it out, it was always a wild goose chase. Those girls were two tricky chicks!

Ruby Cochineal and Jade Greenly - or simply Ruby and Jade as they were better known by the media - had been on the lam since last May when they helped their boyfriends, Alex McNabb and Max Ripley, knock over a few local convenient stores. Since then, the robbing just seemed to get bigger and worse. Now the girls' parents were concerned about the safety of their daughters and desperately wanted them brought home.

Someone had apprised Mr. Cochineal that Hunter and Stalks would go to the ends of the earth to find who they were sent to locate. That's when the two sets of parents had called the duo to take the case. Hunter and Stalks had their own detective agency that kept them extremely busy. Unfortunately, this case was keeping them extra busy. It had been over a year now and they were still searching. They were determined to find the girls... dead or alive. Hopefully, alive!

Finally they had a break: a tip from a reliable source had told them that the girls might be in Rayville, Texas. Stalks and Hunter were on their way back to the office to meet with the parents at that very moment, to decide their next step.

Carmine and Scarlet Cochineal were already sitting in the outer office waiting when the two detectives walked in.

"Mr. and Mrs. Cochineal," Stalks acknowledged extending his hand in greeting.

"Stalks," Mr. Cochineal nodded, taking his hand.

"Are the Greenly's comin'?" Stalks asked as he opened the door leading into the office. "We may have some news for ya."

"We're here Stalks," Mr. Greenly called excitedly walking in behind his wife. "You said you've found them?"

Hunter rolled her eyes as she made sure there were places for everyone to sit. The office was small. The rent for one these spaces was horrendous. She and Stalks had opted for one of the smaller units seeing that they were hardly ever there in the first place, usually just for meetings such as the one they were having now.

"Nah," Stalks replied but didn't let the question dampen his spirits. They had worked too hard and long for that. "But we've got a very reliable source that says the girls might be in Reyville."

The two couples greeted each other and sat down. They were all eager to hear what Stalks had to say.

Stalks leaned on the side of his desk and crossed his arms as he looked from one hopeful face to the next. "Hunter and I are on our way to Reyville when we're done here."