Thursday, 14 May 2015

Thursday, May 14, 2015 -


by Gail Fae
Published: Mar 12, 2015
Words: 16,598
Category: femdom
Orientation: F/M
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Chapter 1 - The Hairdresser

Shallara lay back in the salon chair, relaxing as Ariella massaged her damp scalp. She had been letting Ariella do her hair for years now, and had developed a close friendship, one that bordered on the intimate. Sensuous, soft fingertips rhythmically massaged her hairline, moving ever so slowly down to her temples. Exotic oriental music played quietly in the background, and she felt herself drifting deeper and deeper. The wild flower scents from the shampoos seemed to overcome her senses: feminine, sensual and exotic.

She barely noticed that Ariella's voice seemed to be changing. The idle chatter had been replaced by something more focused, more directed. She felt voices in her head leading her through a maze of passages and arches, until she emerged into a sunny courtyard. Somewhere, deep inside, as she continued to drift off, she heard Ariella's gentle voice urging her to, "Sleep for me now."

The private courtyard was surrounded on all sides by a sandy-colored, flat-roofed building. Large arches and deep, shady verandas looked out onto the harsh sunlit area. A crystal clear pool dominated the center of the courtyard, with nubile women playfully splashing each other as they frolicked under the blazing sun. The eunuch leading Shallara was huge. He had baggy, white linen knee-length pantaloons, and a broad, red cloth sash crossed his chest, covering his pendulous male breasts, before wrapping around his huge waist. A red turban sat on his head; it had a large, red gem clip holding it together. He led Shallara to a padded table lying in the shade of exotic broad-leafed palms, and gently pressed her down and onto her back.

Her dream became even more sensual and erotic as she felt herself being prepared for her first night in the harem. Girls wearing bright silk skirts and tops massaged her, rubbing oils and lotions into her silky skin. Her nails were cleaned, polished and buffed; exfoliate was applied to her arms and legs, and vigorously rubbed off. Her skin felt clean and alive. Her hands and feet tingled, and a deep warmth suffused her breasts. Shallara felt her thighs being gently eased apart, and offering no resistance, she felt a cool, aromatic cream being applied to her pubis before the hair was gently scraped away; she knew that this was the way of the Sultan's harem.

But all too soon, it was over. Shallara seemed to snap back to reality as Ariella moved her chair upright, and began to blow dry her hair. Ariella's bubbly chatter had started again, and Shallara struggled to retain fragments of her dream as it started to fade rapidly into the past. Uncomfortable, she squirmed in the chair as she tried to reposition her skirt which seemed to have ridden too high up her thighs.

All too soon, Shallara had bid Ariella farewell, and arrived back in her apartment. She needed to use the bathroom, her panties were damp and gave off a telling, musty odor.