Thursday, 21 May 2015

Thursday, May 21, 2015 -

Spanking the Dames

by DJ Black
Published: Mar 23, 2015
Words: 21,730
Category: general
Orientation: M/F
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Chapter 1

Ophelia Open stood in the hallway for the longest time. It smelled of wet newspaper and sawdust and the yellowing walls looked like they had not seen a lick of paint in years. The building was one of those New York brick affairs that had been grand enough back in 1896, but in the last 60 or so years had fallen on hard times. It wasn't exactly the kind of place that her ex-husband would usually have done business, but then when it came to Richard Open, nothing was exactly usual.

Ophelia eyed the battered wooden door and the chipped gold letters on the frosted glass. William Wendell Wentworth, Private Justice Adjustment Incorporated, it read. What by the stars was Justice Adjustment, private or otherwise? What kind of job was that? But she knew. She knew Richard. She had tried to tell Sophie that, but the foolish kid had gone on the lam.

"Listen, it is far better to just go and get this over with. Richard will find us in the end, he always does. Then it will be much worse," she had told her sister the day before.

"You're crazy, you just gonna let him spank you?" Sophie had gaped at her. "Didn't you have enough of that crap when you married the guy?"

"That was between us, and anyway I usually had it coming. Well almost always actually. I wasn't a saint you know," Ophelia countered.

"Yeah, well I am over twenty-one now and no-one is gonna spank me," Sophie spat back.

Sometimes her little sister could be such a brat.

"Listen hon," Ophelia remonstrated, "we played our hand and we lost. Sure it was a good idea of yours to stiff Richard on a couple of deals and make some extra dough, but I should have known he would get wise to us. Now let's just take our licks and call it quits."

"We were only getting what was due," Sophie had wailed.

Ophelia hadn't pointed out that Sophie had been owed nothing by Richard. In fact, given that his money had put her through college, she should have more respect.

"Richard has been more than generous with us. I had nothing when I married him and now I have an apartment and more than I could earn as an allowance. Admit it kid, we just got greedy," she had said.

"Yeah well I still ain't gonna let him spank me, so I am going to skip town for a while, it is you he wants to settle with, he'll soon get bored and forget about me," Sophie had sneered.

That had been only yesterday at the station. Ophelia hadn't even asked where Sophie's train was headed, but Richard would find out, stupid kid.

The tattered door hadn't gone away during her remembrances and still stood stark and hard to accuse her.