Saturday, 9 May 2015

Saturday, May 09, 2015 -

Spanking Stories for Misbehaving Men

a femdom anthology
by Lucy Appleby
Published: Mar 12, 2015
Words: 57,399
Category: femdom
Orientation: F/M
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Abominable Mother-In-Law

Bradley Carter admired his reflection in the mirror. A tall, broad-shouldered, handsome man, grinned back at him, white teeth contrasting with tanned skin. "You've got it made, mate," he told himself.

It was true. Since he had married Emily Graf he had elevated his accommodation from a grubby one bedroom bachelor pad in an insalubrious area of the city, to a spacious four-bedroom detached house in the 'Millionaire Belt' to the west of the city. The house was luxury personified with landscaped gardens, a double garage, and an outdoor swimming pool. Emily had cleared his overdraft and other debts, opened up a joint current account, and provided him with a platinum credit card. Consequently, the new house was rapidly filling up with his latest acquisitions - designer suits and shoes, state-of-the-art home cinema, hi-fi, billiard table and two new electric guitars (why buy one when you can have two?). In the garage was a gleaming Lancia sports car and a set of golf clubs to go with his expensive annual membership to the local club. Yes, life was good. And it was all thanks to Emily.

At 25, Emily was seven years younger than he. She was an intelligent, bookish girl who was petite, shy, and sweet natured. She wasn't remotely pretty, but what the hell did that matter when she was filthy rich? She also adored him. Not so his mother-in-law, Gretchen.

At the thought of his mother-in-law, Bradley frowned. That woman was the one single blot on his ever expanding horizon. Gretchen and her parents emigrated from their native Germany in the 1960's as Gretchen's father had secured a high-ranking government job. He was surpassed in salary by Gretchen's mother who as a qualified barrister, earned considerable amounts of money. Gretchen followed her mother into the legal profession and owned a thriving law firm - the same firm that employed Emily as a solicitor. The Graf family were wealthy beyond measure.

Bradley had met Emily's parents early on in his relationship with their daughter, and he knew at once that they had hoped for someone better for their only daughter. His future father-in-law, Otto, had asked some searching questions concerning Bradley's financial affairs and career prospects. Unfortunately, Bradley lied in his responses - a fact that was easily spotted by Gretchen Graf.

Gretchen was a statuesque woman with blonde hair and cool grey eyes. Those eyes darkened to hard slate when she looked at him.

"So, Bradley - you are an accountant? That is a very noble profession. When did you qualify?"

"Oh, um ... last year," said Bradley.

"And where did you study?"

"Cambridge," lied Bradley.

"I see. Which college?"

"Erm ... do you know, Mrs Graf - I can't quite remember. This wine has quite a kick to it, doesn't it?" He gulped down a few more mouthfuls and tried not to panic.