Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Wednesday, May 20, 2015 -

Little Tina and the Paramedic

by Rose St. Andrews
Published: Mar 20, 2015
Words: 30,412
Category: ageplay, romance
Orientation: M/F
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Christina grinned at the sight before her, a veritable meat market of succulent male flesh. Everywhere she looked there was the most delectable of men. Oh yeah, she needed this vacation. After yet another failed relationship, she just needed to get away. Her friends had thought her a little bonkers for zipping off by herself. Who goes on a cruise alone? Now, if it had been a singles' cruise that they could understand, but this wasn't, which was precisely why she'd gone on it. Here she could just relax, admire the 'slabs of beef', and if she felt like taking a taste, she could. If not, there was no pressure. It was what she needed. Oscar, her now-ex-boyfriend had been like all the rest: a boy. What was it about guys her age? They seemed one step removed from high school and about as mature as a twelve-year-old. Granted, at twenty-three she was no pillar of development, but at least she was over the whole bathroom humor and binge drinking of college.

So she just stretched out on a lounge chair by the pool, got well-greased up, and chilled out with a good book. The ship headed out into the Atlantic. She didn't even care what its first destination was or when they'd get there. Right now, her goal was a simple one: dangle her 'bait' and see if she got a nibble. If not, she didn't care. If she did, well, she'd see about a nice hook-up. If the guy looked halfway decent, why not? After all, it wasn't like she'd ever see him again. Lying there, reading (well, pretending to read), her eyes darted about. Oh yeah, plenty of the gents were checking her out. At under five feet, Christina had a firm build, golden blonde hair, and a bust line that made men drool.

Today she'd gone with her conservative bikini, meaning it actually covered her curvy ass and kept the twins from escaping. She'd learned that it was best to tease the men little by little. Give them a small sample to start, and then truly torment them with her body. It was working to perfection. She could see the eyes sliding up and down her supple frame, the men shifting in their seats as the blood rushed 'south of the border', and the women frowning. One guy did surprise her though. He took one look, turned away, and buried his face in his iPad.

Must be gay.

Later, as the sun approached the horizon, Christina sauntered on back to her cabin to change for dinner. She'd done good. Read two pages of her book, gotten hit on by ten guys, and only had to blow off three. By tomorrow, she'd be well on her way to her first hook up. For now, she was famished, and she quickly slipped into her basic khaki slacks and a nice blouse.