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Sunday, February 01, 2015 -

The Wildcat and the Football Player

by Sharon Brooks
Published: Dec 8, 2014
Words: 20,425
Category: general
Orientation: M/F
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Alfred had served the Simpson family for two generations, but he felt unsettled this morning because Victoria was home from college. He loved her dearly despite her legendary temper. He knew no-one would ever accuse him of being overly sentimental, but he sighed when he remembered her birth and then the horrible scene afterward. She had been a beautiful bright little girl who treated him more like an adoring uncle than a servant. Now grown up, Victoria was still a lovely person, but he suspected something troubled her. He found himself making excuses for her. Perhaps if her mother had lived, the girl would now have a softer edge. Boys had come and gone over the years, but only her father could handle her. Jack Simpson handled his daughter the way he handled his prize mares and stallions; he directed them with a firm hand.


Victoria took one last look in the mirror before heading downstairs to the dining room. She probably should wear jeans because that would make the ride back to school more comfortable. Still, some part of her insisted she wear this particular skirt along with the one frilly pair of panties she owned.

She looked at the paper from the car dealer and then stuffed it in her blouse pocket. Victoria had always been analytical; her grades reflected her ability to think systematically through problems and logically solve them. She had gone over several scenarios, and none of them ended the way she wanted. Why had she made the decision when Dad would insist she had broken his 'contract' with her? He'd be furious. Instinctively she had softened her appearance by selecting that skirt. She had loosened her hair so it fell to her shoulders, even though she rarely wore it that way anymore because it took too much time to manage. She thought about how her Dad would react. It scared her but at the same time it excited part of her. It had been so long, so very long since he had really lost his temper. She saw her cheeks flush in the mirror as she remembered. Well, she knew she couldn't avoid this confrontation because it was time to go.

The CEO of Simpson Industries loved his daughter more than anything else in his world. Where others saw an untamable wildcat, he saw a sweet, generous girl who had stepped into her mother's role while only a teenager. She now served as his hostess when he entertained. He thought about the men who came by during the summer when she was home from the university and shook his head. She was like a thoroughbred that was badly mismatched with the plow horses she had brought home. Much to Victoria's credit, these men never lasted. Someday she would take over the company, but no time soon he hoped.

Mr. Simpson knew that Victoria shared his temper as well as his light brown hair and very blue eyes.