Thursday, 5 February 2015

Thursday, February 05, 2015 -

Reformatory School Spanking

by DJ Black
Published: Dec 12, 2014
Words: 24,702
Category: judicial
Orientation: M/F, (F/F)
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The Honourable Lucy Beverage looked at the various pieces of paper laid out on the antique Queen Anne table. Each sheet scattered carelessly next to the envelope that had brought them to her door; each as careless as the choices she had made and had yet to make.

Her slender elegant fingers plucked unconsciously at her Gucci silk top as her clear brown eyes peered down her correctly proportioned elegant nose at the documents from beneath an immaculate chestnut fringe.

Lucy was tall for a woman, with an outer appearance of unruffled calm, but inside she felt sick and more lost than she had felt in all of her 32 years.

She was in hock for almost a million pounds and so far her attempts to pay off her debts by writing cheques she could not honour had led to a £10,000 fine and the prospect of 18 months in prison. She shuddered. The very thought of gaol time for her was as bad as the inevitable bankruptcy that would follow.

For a long moment, her life throbbed in and out of focus and an alien emotion flooded her soul. Somewhere in the back of her mind Edith Piaf was singing and Lucy shut her down with an ironic laugh. She suppressed a sob, feeling like a little girl who had scraped her knee and wanted to run to Daddy. But some bridges in life could not be rebuilt, she was in tune with Edith on that one.

The plane ticket her cousin had sent looked like an easy option, but then what? She would still be bankrupt with a prison term hanging over her. She wasn't sure what additional penalties there were for fleeing justice on a forged passport, but she suspected that it might be even more severe than her current fate.

That left her with one other option. She picked up the letter and reread it.

"The Cornwall Institute has considered your situation and is prepared to offer you a place at their alternative punishment centre."

There were very few details in writing, but at an earlier interview she had been told that the alternative on offer included corporal punishment. She had laughed in their face and flat walked out on them. However, one other fact now came back to her. As part of the 'treatment' as they had called it, all her debts would be paid with a low interest long-term loan and any amnesty would include not paying any fines.

"Sometimes money talks," she whispered.


Meanwhile in a seedier part of town, Patsy Kenwood could not believe her luck.

"The Cornwall Institute has considered your situation and is prepared to offer you a place at their alternative punishment centre," she read aloud, adding: "That's those spanking and caning freaks."

Some sort of religious nutters, she didn't wonder. But what the hell, it had to be better than three years inside, even if they did want her to attend some old-fashioned training centre and whack her bum a few times.