Saturday, 7 February 2015

Saturday, February 07, 2015 -

Mine to Spank

by India Heath
Published: Dec 18, 2014
Words: 29,278
Category: romance
Orientation: M/F
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"I could rub chilli powder in places you wouldn't believe. It would blow your mind, baby. I promise you, sex with me would never be the same twice."

Frankie Fairchild cleared her throat and backed away from the desk a little. "Well that's all very enlightening, Mr Collins but-"

Kenny Collins leaned over the desk and drawled disconcertingly, "My tongue should be registered as a lethal weapon!"

Frankie closed the file in front of her with a decisive snap. "I think you have misunderstood my advertisement completely, Mr Collins. I am not looking for a gigolo or some perverted, wild affair."

"The advert said you were looking for someone broad minded and flexible. That's me, little lady."

"The advert said I was looking for a temporary husband," Frankie clarified. "Someone who is flexible enough to fit into my busy lifestyle and broad minded enough to accept that it is purely a business arrangement. I don't believe that is you at all, Mr Collins." Frankie rose up to her full height of five foot, four inches - in heels - and offered her hand politely. "So I'll bid you good afternoon."

Kenny ignored her hand and rubbed his crotch suggestively instead. "You're throwing away the chance to turn a business arrangement into a pleasure cruise, baby."

A look of mild revulsion crossed Frankie's elfin features. "Somehow I'll live with it," she announced dryly. "Now, if you'll excuse me, Mr Collins, I have a conference call I have to take in five minutes so I need you to leave."

Kenny shrugged. "Your loss." He turned and swaggered from the office with a confidence Frankie couldn't help but admire. She waited until the office door had shut before sinking back into her chair and rubbing her temples wearily.

"I assume I'm still not hearing wedding bells."

Frankie looked up and grimaced as Lucy, her plump assistant, walked in. "Oh, Lucy, it's hopeless. I'm never going to find a husband in time at this rate. I thought advertising for one would be the easy answer but so far all I seem to have attracted are perverts and weirdos."

Lucy chuckled sympathetically. "I can't believe you're advertising for a husband at all. Look at you. You're smart, successful and gorgeous. You'd have men queuing round the block if you spent less time working and a bit more time socialising."

Frankie tilted her dark head. Her hairstyle framed her cornflower blue eyes and emphasised her dainty features. "I'm not a party animal, Lucy. You know that, and besides, love is a complication I can well do without. Mr Fenton only promoted me to the position of Market Research Analyst three months ago. I didn't spend four years collecting data only to take my eye off the ball now I've finally made it to analyst. I simply don't have time for a relationship."