Sunday, 8 February 2015

Sunday, February 08, 2015 -

Semi-Seriously Spanked

when discipline meets desire
by B.Y. Parsons
Published: Dec 20, 2014
Words: 30,176
Category: romance
Orientation: M/F
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Semi-Seriously Yours

It all began as a high-spirited reunion with a long-lost friend...

Julia Simpson blew into town a week ago and rang me from the airport. Working as a flight attendant, she had an eight-hour stopover in Boston. I was excited to hear her voice. I hadn't seen Julia since we were college roommates five years ago so I invited her over for lunch. We sat out on our back patio on a fine spring day and dug into cheese omelettes and fresh strawberries while catching up on each other's lives. To mark the occasion, I pinched a bottle of New Zealand's finest Sauvignon Blanc from Alex's wine cellar. He's a generous guy; he'd want us to celebrate! Mind you, the girl-talk that flowed along with the wine was nothing to celebrate. But by the time Alex and I sat down to dinner that evening, Ms. Simpson was airborne en route to San Fran and the Boston Blabbermouth was tight-lipped about our little chat. What Alex didn't know won't hurt him, or me. Right? Oh sure.

My visit with Julia began innocently enough. She waxed eloquent about exotic locales she'd visited as an air hostess, then gave me her take on living in California. But the conversation really took flight when she began to rhapsodize about Richard, the new man in her life, burbling on (and on) about his "poetic soul" and "wildly inventive" love-making. She showed me the gold necklace he'd given her on Valentine's Day, taking it off and passing it across the table so I could read the naughty love-message he'd inscribed in the locket. Julia was utterly besotted! I wondered aloud what it would take to bring her back down to earth. She sobered slightly and confessed that they'd had their very first run-in last weekend.

Turns out they'd gone to a party on Saturday evening and bumped into his old girlfriend. Taken aback, Richard introduced Julia to Jackie before departing to fetch them both drinks. In an awkward attempt to make conversation, Julia had asked the red-haired beauty where they'd met. Jackie's response was so glowing and nostalgic that Julia felt her stomach churn. The only things Richard had told her about this prior relationship was that Jackie had ended it and it had taken him several months to get over her. Julia felt threatened. She feared that if Jackie changed her mind and decided to lure him back, Richard might fall for her all over again. So when he returned, she decided to burn their bridges for good by inviting his old flame to dish the dirt on him. "Tell me dear, given your feelings for Richard, I can't understand why you broke up with him. I mean, did he leave his smelly socks under your bed? Did he fart out loud at your dinner parties?"