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Over Her Lap: Book 5

F/F femdom stories
by LSF Publications
Published: Dec 10, 2014
Words: 24,557
Category: femdom
Orientation: F/F
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A Deliciously Humiliating Experience

by by Lucy Appleby

"So, Olivia - are you doing anything nice this weekend?"

Olivia flushed at the close proximity of her boss as he leant casually against the edge of her desk.

"I haven't got anything important planned, Mr Carville," she lied, fervently wishing he would ask her out for a drink, or a meal, or ... She smiled a wistful little half smile and daydreamed of writhing naked beneath him in a tangle of limbs.

"Shame. See you on Monday then," he said, smiled and left the room.

Olivia pursed her lips in disappointment. Still, she did have something important planned. Something very important indeed. At the thought of it, her breathing quickened and her imagination went into overdrive. She hurried home, impatiently navigating the Friday rush hour traffic. All she would need for the weekend's activities had been prepared in advance and all she had left to do was to arrange a few freshly laundered items in her suitcase.

After a quick sandwich and a cup of coffee, Olivia indulged herself with a soak in the tub, luxuriating in the scented water and frothy bubbles. Afterwards, suitably relaxed and perfumed, she dressed, picked up her case, and left the house. She was more than ready for the two hour drive to Epicurus.

It was good to get out of the hustle and bustle of the crowded city. As the car sped on, devouring the miles, the landscape began to change. She drove steadily north, through open moorland dotted white with sheep. The roads narrowed and snaked, twisting, dipping and rising, melding with the contours of the land. High up on the moors, clothed in a spreading mantle of purple heather, she allowed herself to think about her forthcoming adventure with Epicurus.

Plucking up courage to make the booking had taken almost six months, but once she had committed and paid the fee, Olivia became feverishly eager to participate in her first Epicurus experience. The organisation itself was located so far away from her home and work life that she felt she could really let go and bring her fantasy to life. And if the first taste proved to be all she had hoped for, there would be other encounters to look forward to in the future.

Glancing at the clock on the dashboard, Olivia began looking for a suitable place to park up and change. Ten miles further and she would reach her destination, and the instructions clearly indicated that she should arrive suitably attired.

Pulling into a lay-by, Olivia retrieved her suitcase and took out her uniform - a short grey box-pleated skirt, white blouse, maroon cardigan, white socks, and black Mary-Jane shoes. With trembling fingers, she slipped out of the clothes she was wearing and put on the school uniform. All that remained was to tie her long honey-blonde hair back in a sleek ponytail. This accomplished, she took a deep breath and drove the last few miles of her journey.