Friday, 6 February 2015

Friday, February 06, 2015 -

Little Lucy and the Doctor

by Chloe Carpenter
Published: Dec 17, 2014
Words: 36,369
Category: ageplay
Orientation: M/F
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Dr Simon Dale glanced at his watch again and frowned. The new temp should have arrived half an hour ago. "Where the hell is she?" he muttered.

As if on cue, the door flew open and a dishevelled elfin-faced diminutive figure barged in, tufts of blonde hair sticking out in all directions like a birds nest, hurriedly applied eye make-up smudged ... and surely that couldn't be a washing care label on the outside of her sweater? It was. The silly woman was wearing it inside out. Simon folded his arms and appraised the late arrival coolly.

"Miss Peters I presume?"

"Um. Yes. That's me. Lucy. Lucy Peters. I-"

"You're late."

"Ah. Yes. I didn't mean to be late on my first day, but my alarm clock didn't go off, or if it did, I didn't hear it. I was up during the night, you see, and I hardly got any sleep at all. The burglar alarm on the house across the street kept going off. They've gone away for two weeks on some Caribbean cruise and-"

Simon threw up his hands and interrupted her tirade. "Spare me your excuses, please. This is not a good start. I have clinic in ten minutes and there won't be sufficient time now to show you how to go on."

"Sorry, sorry. Let me get my notebook." She rummaged through her shoulder bag. "Notebook, notebook ... it's in here somewhere." She pulled out a crumpled wad of tissues, a half eaten bar of chocolate, car keys and a packet of sweets. Her face brightened at this discovery. "Oh, I forgot I had these. I just love jelly teddy bears. The red ones are my favourite. "Would you like one?" She held out the packet.

"No I would not." He glared and pointed to the printer. "Take a couple of sheets of paper from there. I assume you have a pen?"

"Pen. Yes. Pen. Where are you, pen? It's hiding..." She began to scrabble frantically again in her bag.

Simon rolled his eyes. My God. They've sent me a lunatic. "Tell you what - here, take my pen." He handed it over and placed it in her small hand. "Now go and sit down. We don't have much time."

"Right." She scampered over to the desk and sat in the big leather chair, her feet dangling several inches from the floor. Her big liquid brown eyes gazed up at him reverently. He was something, this doctor. Mid forties, silver grey hair with dark roots, dark brows above intelligent hazel eyes, a generously proportioned mouth and firm jaw. Oh my God, she thought. He's sex on legs. She tried very hard not to stare at the rest of him. She needed to concentrate. Get a grip, Lucy. Focus, she told herself.

Simon put one hand to his head. He suddenly felt an almighty headache coming on.