Saturday, 31 January 2015

Saturday, January 31, 2015 -

Charlotte's Fulfilment

by Carly Burton
Published: Dec 5, 2014
Words: 36,954
Category: romance
Orientation: M/F
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Chapter 1

The narrow country roads were a hazard to a tired, irritated driver and Charlotte was very close to losing her temper. The journey to her long-awaited solo retreat had taken much longer than expected due to heavy traffic. The preparation for her holiday had been stressful; putting plans in place to allow her two weeks of uninterrupted time alone had taken its toll on her nerves. She was worn out, hungry and close to tears of frustration. She had to pull into yet another tiny gap to allow another driver to pass on the narrow road and she cringed as she heard the bushes scrape against her car's paintwork. She gave a squeal of exasperation as the wheels bumped on the rough terrain, jolting her already aching body.

It had seemed like an ideal choice to book into the exclusive resort of Willow Vale to spend two weeks with only herself for company, the secluded location being part of its appeal. She craved solitude away from her hectic life, to escape the constant demands of work and family. Her parents, friends and colleagues all considered her insane to have chosen to be alone, all in agreement that what she needed was a man in her life. Charlotte disagreed - in her own opinion a man was the last thing she needed. Her last relationship had ended almost two years ago, she was still suffering from the effects of the break-up and did not feel in the least inclined to repeat the experience.

Charlotte was unfulfilled, forever disappointed in any man who attempted to get close to her. She had erected barriers so high, they were unlikely to be breeched any time soon. She was tall at 5 feet 9 inches and stood taller than many of the men she met. Her glossy, dark brown hair would have fallen in soft waves about her striking facial features if she ever allowed it to hang loose, but she rarely did. Her choice of style was a severe knot, swept up high on her head and secured with hairpins, giving her a rather forbidding appearance. It was this, as well as her strong personality, that tended to scare men away. Her curves were certainly tempting, toned and well shaped legs, soft in all the right places, clear skin and good health, but all of these belied the fact that she appeared untouchable.

Most of the men she knew were at least a little afraid of her strong character; she was used to being in charge, both at work and at home. She refused to hide the air of authority she constantly carried; it got work done, got positive results. But it also left her lonely and isolated. She had a few good friends who were close enough to know the reasons for her withdrawal and they urged her to move forward, but she found she couldn't let go of the hurt Kyle had inflicted upon her.