Monday, 5 January 2015

Monday, January 05, 2015 -

Women in Charge: Book 1

tales of female domination
by Austin Carr
Published: Nov 5, 2014
Words: 25,986
Category: femdom
Orientation: F/M
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A Strapping in Place of Seduction

It was shift change at the mini market where I worked the graveyard shift, a mind-numbing 11PM to 7AM slog, six nights a week. The pay was terrible and the job was worse, largely dealing with drunks, druggies and the other coterie of lost souls who frequented such establishments in the wee hours, but it had the one distinct advantage of many hours of solitude; perfect study time for a college freshman working his way through school. A couple of hours nap before classes in the morning, a longer one in the afternoon and I was relatively good to go. It didn't allow for much of a social life, but truth be told I'd never had much of one in high school and didn't anticipate much more success in college.

The woman on the swing shift, a thirty-something named Lucy, usually stuck around for a half hour or so after the changeover. She was funny and friendly, if a bit too reminiscent of my mother's bridge group for me to feel as warmly towards her as she seemed towards me, often touching my arm or patting my shoulder as she talked. She was always dressed in jeans or slacks and a buttoned long sleeve shirt. I once asked her why the similar ensemble every day and she told me that she'd been on a ranch most of her life, until her divorce had driven her and her daughter to the city, and that was the daily uniform. She'd just never gotten out of the habit. It wasn't a bad look, but with her close cropped brown hair, wide hips and shoulders, it didn't show her off to her best advantage. Besides, who was I to talk? I was eighteen and virtually my entire wardrobe consisted of Levi's, tee-shirts and tennis shoes.

Tonight she was ranting on about her seventeen-year-old daughter. Seems the young lady was spending too much time with her phone and not enough time getting her household chores done and Lucy was pretty tired of coming home to dirty dishes, a house in a shambles, and her daughter stretched out on the couch with a phone firmly attached to her ear. They'd had a few talks, with each one seemingly escalating in tone and volume.

"She'll be in more trouble than she can handle if I find her on her damn phone or watching TV with the house still a mess," she said darkly.

"What'll you do, ground her?" I asked.

Lucy shook her head in exasperation. "What earthly good would that do? Just give her more time to lie about and do nothing."

I scanned the empty parking lot and started counting out the register as quickly as I could. It seldom failed that some pain in the ass customer would come racing in right after I started the changeover and then bitch and moan that they had to wait three minutes to get their cheap beer or wine while I balanced out.