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Saturday, January 17, 2015 -

The Cow Shed Auction

by Joy Peters
Published: Nov 11, 2014
Words: 20,521
Category: general
Orientation: M/F, (F/F)
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Part 1: The Cow Shed Auction

Laura and Stephanie had been best friends since leaving college ten years ago. They were in their early thirties, married but without children. Their respective spouses, Bill and Robin were also friends, so the four of them spent quite a bit of time together.

Their marriages had not been without the normal difficulties, not helped by the recession which had forced the men out of work. The girls had part time jobs but this did little to provide the quality of life they all aspired to.

Laura and Stephanie were having coffee together, reminiscing about good times past and discussing the future. The recession had no end in sight for the motor industry where both Robin and Bill had previously worked. They really would have to re-train, but such opportunities were rare.

Stephanie casually asked Laura whether she'd heard of the 'Cow Shed'.

"What's that, some farm?"

"No, I think it's a club out in the country. I've heard it's a place that girls can make a load of money."

"It's a long way out of town - what sort of work is available?"

"Well, I've heard that they do an auction every month where the punters bid on services provided by the girls."

"Prostitution? I don't think that Bill would approve and I'm sure my Robin wouldn't!"

"Well, I'm not sure of the details - I think you can do as little or as much as you like. I don't think that you need to prostitute yourself. I've heard that the money is really great though so I just wondered if it was worth a trip out? Find out the score? Just an idea."

"Nothing ventured, nothing gained and all that! Better not mention anything to the boys though - not yet anyway."

"I've got a card - shall I give them a ring?"

With this, Stephanie picked up the 'phone, dialled and got a recorded message advising potential bidders of the date of the next auction - two weeks tomorrow - and giving another number for further enquiries. She re-dialled, and having outlined her interest was put through to a Graham Pointer, who apparently managed the place.

After exchanging basic information, Graham said, "If you're interested in putting yourselves up for auction you need to come along so that we can discuss the details. This is not something you should get into lightly."

They arranged to meet Graham after work the following afternoon. They told the guys that they were meeting up with some girlfriends from work and wouldn't be late back.

The following afternoon they drove out to the Cow Shed - the instructions were clear to follow. They arrived at 2.10 pm - a little late for the 2 pm appointment but were told that they could be seen at 2.30 pm.

They were shown into the manager's office and were introduced to Graham Pointer by his secretary who remained in the room.