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Tuesday, January 13, 2015 -


by Frank Martinet
Published: Nov 7, 2014
Words: 27,989
Category: paranormal
Orientation: M/F, (F/F)
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Chapter One - Cursed

Most teenage girls, caught in the supply closet with their mouth around the wet, swollen shaft of a boy, would have reacted with shame or at least an expression of guilt. Some might have tried to bolt or pretend they were doing something else. But not Taylor Ford. She just glared up at the teacher, growled a "Do you mind?" with a sweet smile, and went back to work as though the woman wasn't there.

Mrs. Davis was so startled by this reaction she hesitantly closed the door and went on, actually unsure if she'd seen what she'd thought she'd seen. "I must have been imagining it," she told herself. "Sweet little Taylor wouldn't be doing that!"

Far from being a rare and odd event, this was typical in the life of the petite blond. She was genetically blessed with such an innocent face that scarcely anyone could believe she was guilty of anything. With her flawless pale skin and platinum gold hair - in delicate ringlets around her round head - she was angelic in appearance. Her eyes were obsidian black, creating a striking contrast, and made her seem intense and interesting. Her nose was tiny and on the flat side, but it was her mouth that was the most unusual. It was like a miniature version of Jack Nickelson's Joker's smile except it wasn't makeup or a disfigurement. It was merely the cutest smile possible: tiny with a little dip in the center of the upper lip and narrowing into up-curled slits on each side like some perfect line drawing of a grin. The plump cheeks were topped with disgustingly cute dimples and Taylor Ford's rosy face was complete.

Just looking at Taylor's face you'd be hard-pressed to guess her age - somewhere between twelve and twenty. In truth she was just turned eighteen and had the body to prove it. She was small, but those short stocky legs led up to the roundest rear end you've ever seen. She was generous in the hips and her ass was as plump as a swollen Ballpark hot dog. Such a low center of gravity was made more obvious by the narrowness of her tiny waist. Her single flaw, at least from her perspective, was that she was shallow in the chest. Her breasts were tiny like the rest of her, a fact that irritated her tremendously - but in truth this added to her elf-like appeal and made her seem more innocent and less mature. It was a key aspect of her Teflon nature.

Taylor could smile sweetly at just about anyone and get them to do whatever she wanted. Grown men saw those tiny lips and either saw their own daughters and sympathized, or they imagined how rude she'd look with that small mouth ensconced around their thick, pulsing member. Boys saw a smoking hot girl and just wanted to be near her, to see her pleased with them, and would do anything she asked.