Thursday, 22 January 2015

Thursday, January 22, 2015 -

Women in Charge: Book 2

tales of female domination
by Jack Crawford
Published: Nov 20, 2014
Words: 22,028
Category: femdom
Orientation: F/M
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The Houseboy

Only two months ago, Zeke Sundstraw had been thrilled to accept the part-time position of a lifetime ... at least his young lifetime. Working his way through college, Zeke needed a cheap place to live that was close to campus as well as a paying job that was flexible as far as his hours were concerned. He found the ideal situation as a live-in houseboy at the sorority house of Lambda Epsilon Gamma.

The position met all his requirements: he lived in the basement of the sorority house in his own room with his own private entrance (it would be unseemly for the sorority sisters to have a man coming and going through the front door!); room and board were free; and he earned a modest wage. His hours were his own as long as he met his responsibilities daily, and those responsibilities were pretty simple: Zeke did all the housework.

But, housework was quite a broad term. It included all the cleaning and most of the laundering. He dropped off and picked up the dry cleaning, but he did all the other laundry for a dozen Lambda sisters. It wasn't difficult just as long as Zeke stuck to a routine, making sure to put in a load of laundry in the morning before classes and again after classes. The vacuuming and dusting were time-consuming, but not taxing, and Zeke discovered that even the mundane job of cleaning the bathrooms was not unpleasant. He even learned to sort the girls' undies by sight alone.

Besides, he lived in close proximity to twelve of the sexiest women on campus and as his duties required free reign of the house, Zeke had ample opportunity to see these women in various states of undress; a wonderful, golden opportunity for which Zeke thanked his lucky stars each and every night!

A Junior in college, Zeke had tried dorm life and fraternity life, but had suffered through a number of menial and low paying jobs to stay in school. This one was really going to work out and, all in, it was the best financial deal he had ever negotiated. But, the fringe benefits of being around, and flirting with, the lovely ladies of Lamda Epsilon Gamma were the best.

Zeke had quickly learned the rhythms of the sorority house and the personal habits and schedules of its inhabitants. Through his cleaning duties, he had also discovered a number of unobtrusive locations in the house from which he could spy on the various ladies. Zeke developed a daily ritual that allowed him a pervert's platter of 'peeping tom' opportunities.

From a linen closet, Zeke could see through a crack in the door and watch Sandy shower in the morning. From that same position, Laurie could be seen bathing nightly. How odd, he had thought, that there would be two distinct preferences for the use of the same facility: different times of the day and choice of tub and shower.