Thursday, 7 February 2013

Thursday, February 07, 2013 -

The Great Spanking Anthology: Volume 1

by LSF Publications
Published: Feb 07, 2013
Words: 78,843
Category: general
Orientation: M/F
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AFTER WAITROSE by Geoffrey Stirling: Jennifer's husband John is happy when she books a 'treatment' following her weekly grocery shop at Waitrose. Her strict disciplinarian rings the changes following her prompt arrival at his home for any punishment which he feels she may have earned. Few words are spoken between them.

AUGUSTA MILVERTON by Hardwood: Augusta is a blackmailer but now the tables have been turned on her. Despite everything she begs to be released and for some of her money to be retained, but this is not to be.

BARRY THE BRUISER by Jack Crawford: Unmarried mother Cindy has had a troubled employment record, never quite earning enough. Uneasy about her employers earlier in her career, she had voiced her concerns and been punished for her indiscretion. Some time later and still poor, she is encouraged to a remote location with the promise of much money and more discipline at the hands of a now very familiar man...

CHARLOTTE by Samantha: Being the CEO's wife has many advantages but the opportunity to spank a young lady is not often one of them. At a club trip to Greece, Charlotte gets rather drunk and feels awful the next day, worried that she will have let her husband down and affected his chances at work. She confides in the boss's wife how guilty she feels and tells her that she was never disciplined as a child. Charlotte finds herself getting her first ever spanking the very next day.

CHERRY KISS by Brianna: Autumn has worried her boyfriend one time too many. He deals with her, and lets his roommate finish the lesson.

THE COUNTESS by Annette Parker: The events of the night don't go quite as planned when the Countess' intended victim turns the tables on this old-world creature!

DAMN SECURITY CAMERAS by Bibi: Retha was looking forward to a romantic evening with her husband Justin, but as soon as she came home she knew something was wrong. Not only had she been caught speeding with their young child in the car, neither of them had their seat belt on. It is time to go over Justin's knee for a well deserved spanking.

A GAMBLE by Dave Caldewell: Whilst at a conference, Marjorie gets carried away in the casino. She asks a man to lend her some money and he agrees but tells her if she loses it, he will spank her. She loses it all and takes the spanking. A year later it seems that little has changed.

GAME SET AND MATCH by Barretthunter: Two young ladies get into a fight at the municipal tennis courts, until the loser of the fight ends up skirtless over the winner's knee. Two elderly gents on the scene pose as district councillors, and give the girls a choice: to be banned from the courts, or to accept on-the-spot punishment (which turns out to mean a knickers-down slippering).

THE GENERAL by Alef: An invading soldier takes pity on a girl who is being molested and takes her under his protection. Twice he has to have her whipped by his servants. At last he can see his way to having his will with her; after all rank hath its privileges!

A GHOST OF A CHANCE by DJ Black: Julia decides to investigate why her late uncle's house will not sell and she uncovers a spooky story of punishment, betrayal and heartache. As a distant relative to Lady Chance it seems that only she can put the ghosts to rest and only by submitting to the punishment Sir Rodney intended for his errant wife all those years ago.

THE GHOSTLY GIRL by Imreadonly2: It's late on the night of Halloween as the Headmaster is confronted by two rather thuggish senior boys conducting a towel-clad girl towards his study. Despite her very vocal complaints, she still receives what are considered her just desserts. But who is she?

THE GIANT by Rod Cayenne: The young honeymooners are intrigued by the impressive shape of the giant carved out of the Dorset hillside. Having picnicked and tumbled across the hill, they track down a supplier for their other needs. A not altogether unexpected bonus arrives several months later!

GRANDMA'S HOUSE, GRANDMA'S RULES by Dund73: Surprised not to be getting any response from the elderly lady whom she expects to see, Rachel pushes open the door. Without a chance to speak she is seized, put across a knee and roughly spanked. It is some time, with no response, before this is interrupted by an urgent delivery of batteries for her hearing aid and new spectacles...

THE INN WENCH by KJM: A traveller enters an Inn late at night and pays a serving wench to sleep with him. When she is hesitant to please him he takes his riding crop to her ... or so it appears.

JUST BECAUSE by ChardT: Kelly-Ann Flynn wonders if she might have created a monster when she introduced her live in boyfriend to the wonderful world of spanking. He seems to be taking to it with a vengeance.

THE KEYHOLE CLUB by Alan Barr: A young man watches the caning of a beautiful woman in a seeming performance for a lucky, select audience. The scene stays with him until a chance meeting years later brings new insight.

A LITTLE STRESS RELIEF by Rosana Young: It's a stressful time for all at the Neverland Ranch, which Nick has recently acquired for his business. But his wife has really gone over the score, firing workers, burning hundreds of cookies, and throwing a full blooded tantrum. Nick takes her over his knee for a spanking with hand and paddle for punishment, yes but also to help relieve some of the stress she is under at this busiest of times for them.

MAYBE ONE DAY by Fulgur: This would appear to describe a virtual spanking in an unspecified chat room of a virtual spankee who appears to exist by a virtual spanker who denies his existence yet can always hope that things might change...

MODERN CUSTOMS by BrianV: Jackie and Ellen were looking forward to their fun-filled holiday in the Greek islands - a holiday packed with 'booze, boys and bonks' and wondering if they could go topless. Being called over and searched in customs revealed a packet of white pills in both their suitcases, a serious offence in Greece. Maybe some kind of 'arrangement' might be found?

THE NEIGHBORLY THING by Fiona Blue: The new gal in town gets a helping hand from the handsome neighbor, not only with the yard and painting but with the other thing she has missed since moving away from home.

ONLINE SURPRISE by Bluestar: Early for a date with a recent internet contact, Johnny runs into Grace, whom he always fancied but hasn't seen since High School. Too late for his date, he notices Grace without her coat wearing the identifying top. There is so little needing to be said, and yet so much, when they return to his place.

PASTOR ROBERTS by Clifford Dorset: Falling asleep during a sermon proves to be a bad idea for Lily Ann when the Pastor tells her to wait behind after the service. He tells her that her husband must start to punish her regularly, and he uses a paddle on her to demonstrate. She leaves with a piece of cloth to show the colour her buttocks should be after punishment.

A POUND OF FLESH by Aunt Carla: Missy is punished by senior flatmate Sarah, an accountant, who has discovered that she has been the reason for a large expense that they can ill afford. Never having been spanked before, Missy is not taking it quietly and her language is becoming an issue which leads to further punishment!

RAVEN'S FEE by Cheery: Seamus enjoys entertaining his London friends to a few days' shooting on the family estate on a Scottish island. They are pleased to have escaped the repercussions of their London spanking games. Fleeing from an approaching storm, they find themselves in a dry underground cavern where all their fantasies appear to await them, but could they be mistaken?

RESURRECTION by Brian Wilkes: Brooke goes to see her mother to give her the news... she is dying. There is something else on Brooke's mind though, a feeling of guilt from many years ago, and she hopes her mother will make it right for her.

ROAD RAGE by Bashful Bob: Some bad driving and an even worse temper leads to an argument on the hard shoulder of a motorway. He expects he will never see her again but he is wrong and she wants him to carry out his threat of spanking her. What is a man to do!

THE ST ANDREW'S FACTOR by Canopy: It was Emily's big day and after last week's performance on the talent show singing 'Spanky Spanky' she now had to pull out the stops. She need not have worried though, as the day went like a dream.

THE UNWINDING OF SHARON by English Spanker: Sharon needs a spanking and doesn't realise it, but her boyfriend does, and so does her teeanage daughter who arranges to be out for a while.

WITH EVERY PUNISHMENT, COMES A REWARD by Gail: Caryn saw an ad on a BDSM site and answered it. She was directed to an apartment in an upmarket area where she met Ms. Brock. As she was late Ms. Brock gave her three strokes of the cane and sent her on her way. On her way home she encountered a strange lady who worked for Ms. Brock.