Thursday, 7 February 2013

Thursday, February 07, 2013 -

The Great Spanking Anthology: Volume 2

by LSF Publications
Published: Feb 07, 2013
Words: 76,106
Category: general
Orientation: M/F
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AND ABOUT TIME TOO by Richard Barrington: Throughout their relationship she has belittled him despite - or because of - his obliging nature. Finding themselves on holiday beside a northern lake, Amelia appears to want to go out on the water in the boat provided, but despite his being an Oxford Blue, she dares to insist on rowing. Finally Steve finds something he will not tolerate and she receives her long-needed comeuppance!

APPOINTMENT IN ST.KITTS by Joy Peters: Attractive divorcee Melanie, employed as an accountant by the successful Freeman Enterprises, has failed to detect a dishonest employee and must either be fired or punished. As further jobs would not be available on the island, she opts for the severe alternative offered by her boss. Preparation over, the reality is intense!

THE ARMOIRE by Eiffel Crisp: Allison is evacuated to the country. There she finds herself in a strange house where Mrs Macready gives her many rules and tells her that she will be whipped if she disobeys. Allison goes wandering in the night and is discovered in the Professor's punishment room. She is secured to the horse and left to wait for her whipping.

AN ARTIST'S MODEL by Lucy Appleby: When Jane's step-brother Anthony discovers her modelling nude he blackmails her into taking the belting he was due from their Dad. Poor Jane is still recovering when Anthony appears in her room with a cane...

BACKSTREET BOTTOMED by Lenore: Lenore is going to the Backstreet Boys concert with her mother, but she wants to see them arrive and threatens that she'll jump out of the van if her mother doesn't stop. In the tumultuous reception she is pulled aside by one of the Boys who isn't impressed by her scaring her mother and - much to her excitement - shows her so!

BUSY DAY AT THE SALON by J Wackford Colton: Janey faces the sack for day-dreaming and making mistakes at work but she begs for another chance. She even suggests that her boss spanks her to help her concentrate. In the end he agrees to give it a go.

CARNABY CALLING by Hermione: Selling door to door often means you see what goes on behind closed doors. Seeing one of your own products being used as a spanking implement gives plenty of food for thought.

CARRIE by H. Andrew Swinburne: Carrie is a naughty girl and deserves to be punished. The man she has contacted doesn't believe it will happen, until she is over his knee and being spanked for all the wrong things she has done.

CATHY'S FIRST TIME by Jefesse: Cathy has plucked up the courage to contact a man through a spanking personals site and is about to receive her first spanking. At first, all goes well, until she becomes outrageously bratty and discovers what a proper spanking, done the right way, is like.

THE COLONEL & THE GOVERNESS by Ric Harder: Colonel John Bryson takes the Governess to task for allowing his young charge to wander off near a river. He straps her severely to show his displeasure ... But all is not as it seems.

CONFESSIONS OF A STUDENT NURSE by Louise Watson: Helen McMillan begins her nursing training at Dundee Royal Infirmary. She meets her new superiors and takes charge of her new uniform wardrobe, which is quite an ensemble! Before her evening meal she is introduced to Sister Bruce and is given a quick assessment.

A DAY IN THE LIFE OF by Ipswichian: Jennifer has an interview for a very prestigious job as an assistant curator. When she sees a young maid being spanked by the butler though she finds herself auditioning for a position in a local club, as well as hoping to get the job.

ENTRAPMENT by Grace Brackenridge: Mr. Bruster makes a grave mistake paddling Grace when she tells him she does not consent to it. Her father is a lawyer and the eighteen year old intends to push it as far as the law allows!

HORSES FOR TAWSES by Firefly: Samantha is enjoying her office job at St Celia's girls' school, getting on well with the Headmistress Freda Faversham. Intercepting a private conversation between her boss and PE teacher Janet Sharp, she cannot resist hiding herself to observe the action!

KYLIE by Blackbirch: Aunt Martha, visiting Australia from America, convinces Kylie's parents that the 18-year-old needs to be spanked to restore her sense of propriety. The family's disciplinary needs are not limited to the daughter.

THE MAN IN BLACK by Lupercal: In a gesture of rebellion against her strict religious father, Briony has joined a coven. She loves the sense of belonging, the ritual and the closeness. But she is not discreet, and lets slip some secrets to her lover, who happens to be a journalist. For this, she must either be expelled from the coven, or accept the punishment of the High Priest - the Man in Black.

MARGERY MARTINNSON DISPLAYS HER BOTTOM by Michael Strictfellow: A nudist colony has opened up next to the Martinnson ranch, much to the consternation of Mr Martinnson and to the delight of his daughter, Margery. Marge tries to pay a visit, goes for a nude swim and then has to face her father's razor strop when she is caught.

THE MENTOR by Ellie Lassiter: Samantha has become increasingly dissatisfied with all aspects of her life and feels she needs a total change of direction. On a trip to the park she meets and talks at length with a very attractive, sensitive woman, Alexandra. It transpires that she is a mentor and might just prove to be exactly what Sam needs.

MR BUMBLECHUMP by Dr Keate: Kirstie's mother has just been buried and in her will she has left her whole estate to Kirstie including a silver key. Kirstie has no idea what the key opens but it seems to lead her to an upstairs room where there is a big trunk and a kitchen chair. She finds the key opens the trunk and inside she finds her old 5ft rabbit toy Mr Bumblechump. Mr Bumblechump accuses her of having left them alone for 25 years and then proceeds to spank Kirstie and to finally make her cry.

THE NAUGHTY GIRL PARTY by Cara Lynn: Three young wives, all married to members of the Special Forces, decide to have a night out together whilst the husbands are away on duty. Unfortunately their husbands return earlier than expected and, a number of rules having been broken, the three girls feel the combined weight of their displeasure!

THE PRICE OF CARELESSNESS by MCH: When Natalie makes an even more serious error at work than the previous one which had earned her a spanking, she is relieved when her boss Mike relents and chooses not to fire her. Instead, she gets 150 hard smacks on her bare bottom, which ignites fires in more than one place!

THE PUNISHMENT by Kizzy: Clare and Helen are the best of friends, each relying on and trusting the other completely. When Clare realises she needs help with eating problems, it is to Helen she turns. The remedy is painful but is done with love, and should hopefully be effective.

RAWHIDE by Carrie Tanner: Two cowboys out looking for stray cattle get a welcome interlude when they happen to see their boss spanking a woman in the distance. They sneak away and vow to keep this to themselves.

RED BOTTOMS & THE LEROUGE DIAMOND by Nyree Grace: A beautiful ring was popular amongst young lovers wanting to get married but for some reason it kept being returned to the shop. Apparently it caused strange behaviour in the male, whenever the female wore it he found himself desperate to spank her! Eventually the ring found the right home and in doing so a ghost was laid to rest.

ROSE COTTAGE by Jim Simpson: Jane and David have bought a beautiful house in an idyllic village. There are conditions attached, but Jane pays them no heed, just as she pays no heed to the vicar's note. This turns out to be a mistake, when she discovers that failure to do her church duties is punishable under the conditions imposed. The vicar shows her the error of her ways - with a cane!

A SLICE OF PIE by WhataRose: Relaxing at the end of her shift in the diner, she is angry to hear an obnoxious teenager speak and swear loudly on her cell phone, while treating the waitress with no respect. A thrown pie and water cause her to take the law into her own hands and teach Tiffany a lesson!

SPANKING ON THE ORIENT EXPRESS by Miss Naughty: When Peter wins a writing contest he shares his prize with his girlfriend, Charlotte. This is a rare treat as he is by no means rich, unlike spoiled Charlotte. The prize is a trip on the Orient Express but as Charlotte soon finds out, it is a trip with a difference.

THE STOWAWAY by Tcheser: Captain of the square-rigger 'Indomitable' Ambrose is appalled to hear that there is a female stowaway aboard. Miss Fanny Jackson soon learns that she cannot order the captain about, finding herself charged with several crimes including treason - punishable by death. The alternative remedy is prolonged and painful.

SURPRISE by JessicaK: A fantasy unlikely to be fulfilled and a surprising twist of fate make an impact on a loving couple.

THE WIFE SITTER by Sam Stewart: Concerned for his wife's safety while he is away overnight, James arranges a 'Bob 7' to look after her. Unfortunately James was annoyed when he booked the 'wife-sitter' so the discipline settings were quite high!