Thursday, 7 February 2013

Thursday, February 07, 2013 -

The Great Spanking Anthology: Volume 3

by LSF Publications
Published: Feb 07, 2013
Words: 85,983
Category: general
Orientation: M/F
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THE ARTIST by Goodgulf: An art student chooses a lonely road in order to work undisturbed. But an unexpected interruption serves as inspiration for his next work of art.

BATHTUB SPANKING by Katie Bradford: Lily remembers to collect her husband's uniform and is happily soaking in a bath when he gets home. Randy is not happy though, as there is a stain on his clean uniform and as far as he is concerned the only person responsible is Lily. He soon lets her know this by spanking his soaking wet wife with a bath brush.

BREAKING CURFEW by H Kerrsutherland: Emily had chosen to join the Sorority house with the strictest discipline but had stayed out of trouble. Trying to cover for another girl however sees both of them being severely punished and for Emily the wait for her turn is nothing short of tortuous.

DADDY MEANEST by John Benson: Kaylee recognises her need for love and discipline, and despite her father's advice, decides to turn her long-held dream of being owned into reality by entering into a contract which subjugates her to her master's will. The experience with her surrogate daddy is fulfilling on many levels and allows her to explore her true nature, and understand her troubled past.

DELIVERANCE by Guy Spencer: A woman and her husband have made an agreement that there will be corporal punishment in their household when there is a need. The woman realizes that she needs to be made clean with her spouse for what she's done. A small speech that she gives him before he takes her in hand puts a lump in his throat. He says nothing to her in fear that he may break down while looking at his beautiful wife. He simply points to his knee.

THE EPA INVESTIGATOR by Tallguy24: Bates is instructed by the Environmental Agency to investigate the burning of illegal wood in a large home. The lady of the house invites him in despite not wearing more than a bathrobe. He discovers that she has been burning wood, but she tries to negotiate a deal to avoid prosecution.

FINALS WEEK by Jenny: Lily is supposed to be studying for her exams but she starts to procrastinate by listing all the things she has to get through. After dinner Lily wants to watch TV but Julia tells her no and then goes and fetches the paddle.

GOOD SAMARITAN by Laurel Aspen: Following a nasty injury whilst jogging, Carrie is literally swept off her feet by the kind and handsome younger Daniel. The attraction appears to hold and their third meeting promises more. Making an informed choice, Daniel has no doubt as to how to handle her!

GUILTY CONSCIENCE by Kephren: Lisa is feeling very guilty at the way in which she has been treating her long-suffering husband, culminating in throwing a plate at him the previous night. Loath though she is to do it, she asks that he give her a proper punishment which she knows will make her feel better. He uses all the contents of his arsenal, but the making-up is amazing!

THE HEAD'S DILEMMA by Batfinch: Eighteen year olds are not generally caned at the school, but at this stage in their education a long suspension would be disastrous for Richard and Sandra's exam results. They are given the choice of suspension of a severe caning.

A HIKE THROUGH THE HEMLOCK GROVE by Island Carol: Edward and Carla love to spend time in the great outdoors. This time they choose a nice position under a Hemlock tree for Edward to spank Carla. The couple have no idea that they are not alone.

HIS N HERS by Adelina: Her Closet is where she goes to unwind, to escape life's harsh realities. But today, it's not enough, and she must choose something from His Closet to help her.

HOW THE EARTH WAS SAVED by Iconcoclast: The Earth and its inhabitants seem very strange to the crew of 'Unseen Vigil'. After observing human behaviour and an encounter with a puppy they decide not to try and conquer this particular planet.

JOLLIES by Nancy Wing: Valerie rents a remote cottage, needing some time to herself after dumping her cheating boyfriend. She soon settles in with the help of her elusive landlord but when she goes out on the boat she has an odd and painful encounter. She finally meets her landlord who has his own cure for her problem.

LINDSEY'S RELEASE by Poppa Mark: A young woman is spanked by hand, ruler, paddle, and belt, by her co-worker at her request, which results in a much-needed emotional release.

LONG OVERDUE by JT: Carol's appalling behaviour towards her husband finally drives him to give her a long overdue spanking.

MY EXPERIENCE WITH TEXAS' A.S.S. PROGRAM by Paddlehard: When he receives a fine and community service for being intoxicated in public, he opts for the Alternative Sentencing Structure instead. This involves receiving fifteen swats with a paddle. There are three others who are punished with him and it is an intense experience that will never be forgotten.

A PERFECT CHRISTMAS by Constance Masters: Carol's love of all things Christmas and giving her kids the things they wanted was greater than the money available but when the nice young man in the store offered her a credit card, well, what could be simpler? Seems her husband took an alternative approach, which was why she was spending time in the corner with a suitably reddened bottom.

THE PORTRAIT by Jon Thorn: Spoilt little rich girl, Lady Lucinda Westfield, commissions an artist to paint her portrait, no expense spared. But his terms are not monetary, and she finds herself agreeing to being spanked and slippered and caned for each of the three sittings.

THE REVIEW by Jacqueline Scott: The attractive and enigmatic Alice Godfrey attends what is clearly an annual appointment, going through a well-accustomed, rigorous routine. This involves a very testing medical examination, physical measurements and a detailed interview. On receiving her 'score' she presents herself for the expected consequences.

SHE TRIED by Kimmy: Lacey is angry when, on turning up for a doctor's appointment, he is unavailable and she takes it out on his receptionist. She fails to tell her husband but, when he discovers, he punishes her severely for lying by omission as well as for her rudeness.

SIOBHAN KELLY & THE MONTANA MAN by Billboard: Police detective Siobhan is a tough and capable woman but when she wakes up with some odd aches and pains the morning after a wedding and realises that she can't remember the night before, it soon becomes apparent that she may well have met her match. It seems a stranger from the wedding 'rescued' her but she was less than grateful and now has to 'pay' for her misbehaviour.

SMOKING HOT by Tales: Karen works as a delivery driver for a pizza company with a difference. Late delivery leaves the customer a choice - either have the pizza free, or spank the delivery girl! A late delivery one night leads to Karen being spanked but also meeting a new man who she rather likes.

THE STUDY by Malahide: A valuable bottle of rare single malt Scotch whisky is presented to the regimental chief on his retirement. He keeps it in his study, intending to share it later with his colleagues. Young female members of his staff make free of it; they are punished by his manservant but do make amends to the old soldiers.

TWIN CHEEKS by Marky Marks: Dusty and Lauren are expecting to be joined poolside by friend and neighbour Stacy who is excited to view his birthday spanking. She finds herself owning up and claiming a similar celebration. It is quite an evening!

UNBROKEN by Lawrence Kinden: Sandra is quite cruel to her horse Cinnamon, showing little patience and often neglecting his basic needs. One day he bolts with her riding him and Sandra finds herself in a magical world where Cinnamon is a centaur.

WELL DESERVED by Targetarear: After 10 years of marriage, Rick and Susie discover the delights of spanking as foreplay. Annoyed at her flirting with other men, Rick gives her a good spanking that she objects to strongly at first. But later, when she returns to bed ...

YE OLD ICE CREAM SHOPPE by Masonnot: Unemployed and still only in his thirties, Roger is scanning the adverts in his favourite spanking magazine. It seems unlikely, but it looks as though he could have found a job incorporating two of his interests! Even without the vanillas, with the help of the recipe book the future looks hopeful!

YOUNG LUCY'S WEEKEND EXPERIENCE by Lucinda: Lucy forgot to confirm the hotel reservation for her and her Mistress and lies about it when they get to the hotel. As a result they get a free upgrade for the night. The next day though the assistant manager tells them that he has conducted enquiries and no one remembers Lucy's call. She admits her deception and is severely caned by her Mistress. Later she has to apologise again to the hotel management and she is further embarrassed when the waiter is told of her need for a cushion and the reason why.

YOUR CHOICE by Keagen: He gives her the choice, talk to him or be spanked. After a while he offers her the choice again. Eventually she decides to talk and tells him what is wrong. He reminds her that she is his and that is her choice!