Thursday, 7 February 2013

Thursday, February 07, 2013 -

The Great Spanking Anthology: Volume 4

by LSF Publications
Published: Feb 07, 2013
Words: 79,175
Category: general
Orientation: M/F
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BIG GIRL? LITTLE GIRL? by Corporal: They are very newly married and quite besotted with each other. She loves being spanked as much as he loves to spank her, and on this day the only problem is what kind of a spanking she thinks she deserves. It is an easy problem to solve, as she is desperate for both!

BURNED, TANNED & STRIPED by BlackVelvet007: Accidentally buying the wrong factor suncream for Frank, leads to Julie's bottom becoming the same colour as his sunburn!

A CHANGE OF PROTOCOL by Don A. Landhill: Sue walks in on her friend in the midst of a strapping over her husband's lap. After running home and urging her husband to do something to rescue Kate, Sue learns she witnessed domestic discipline by mutual agreement. Kate urges her to give it a try.

COOKING WITH CANES by Angela Stone: In desperation at her expanding waistline, Jodi vows to forego the unhealthy convenience foods she has been eating, and enrols in a cookery class. Lee, the instructor, is not impressed by her timekeeping or general attitude. Strangely, though, she finds herself increasingly wanting to impress him - and everything changes...

CORPORAL PUNISHMENT IN MYANMAR by Naughty Julie: Having studied hard for their doctorates, the three friends are very happy to be holidaying in exotic and little visited Myanmar, formerly Burma. As well as visiting temples, they each buy artefacts to take home. Following a police raid, and accused of theft, only a severe beating will prevent a prison sentence.

DADDY'S PROMISE by Totzman: At 23 Heather is getting married and brings Rick home to meet her parents. Raymond, always tending to be possessive, can't quite forget his promised 'penalty' due on an early marriage. His lovely daughter doesn't let him down and makes him very happy.

DEAN PLUMPTREE'S SORT OF PEOPLE by Pastor: Dean Plumptree and his fellow clerics respond to the Bishop's letter to the 'Times' on the topic of young women being as deserving of severe punishment as are schoolboys. Rev Hollinghurst frequently beat his lovely daughters, as did the Dean his own daughter, Tryphena - amongst many others.

THE DIVORCE LAWYER by Kuna: A mature divorce lawyer, Paul English appears to be in the process of building up, with the help of a co-operative secretary, an extensive and very specialised client base. The 'special' service he offers to and which so benefits Peggy proves an immense success and for some reason reduces the number of divorce proceedings.

DOCTOR KNOWS BEST by Rachel Gordon: When the weather forecast is good, Sheena regularly goes to the doctor for a sick-line, so that she can have a few days off work. Old Dr. Flynn never queries her 'symptoms' and always prescribes a few days' rest. But this time, there is a new doctor, who tells Sheena a few home truths. There is a prescription she would recommend, but it's hardly ethical. Can a solution be found which will not compromise her ethics?

DOYLE by Ollie Patbotham: Doyle is a hard drinking, embittered policeman. Everything in his life is a mess, and it's all down to one person - his boss! He decides to have it out with her - with very surprising results.

FIRST IMPRESSIONS by Janine Burrell: Christy can't wait to finally meet John and get the spanking she has wanted for so long. A case of mistaken identity at the airport leads to a disappointing experience and when she finds the right John, he is quite annoyed at her, leading to a distinct feeling of deja vu.

FORTY MINUTES by Steven: Andrew has many issues to discuss with his therapist, but until today, he's not had the nerve to bring up the most important one. But is all as it seems?

THE GIRL UPSTAIRS by Phil Kemp: Ben is awakened at 2 a.m. by loud rock music coming from the flat above. He goes up to complain and meets Cathy, a girl with a spankable bottom. A few weeks later following a row with her boyfriend, Cathy is comforted by Ben. He also shows her what a good spanking feels like.

HONOUR by Neil Dominik: Palesa invites her friend to her wedding in Africa, where her friend and other girls are whipped with a sjambok, and Palesa is restrained and whipped as punishment for her misdeeds in Britain. Palesa's friend volunteers to take the rest of Palesa's punishment

IF ONLY IN MY DREAMS by Lynn66: Beth is miserable without her husband, Tony, but he left almost a year ago. It is Christmas, and on the eve of her wedding anniversary, something of significance happens.

THE JOB INTERVIEW by Watcher: Emily attends a job interview at a school supplies shop. She wonders why some of the other applicants come out looking upset but once it is her turn she soon finds out. Will Emily be the kind of person Miss Rawlings is looking for? The interview certainly answers some questions for Emily.

MIDNIGHT POOL MISCHIEF by Redskinluver: Megan and Melanie think skinny-dipping will be fun. When their dates find them naked in the pool they think otherwise, and their bare bottoms lead Bob and Jeremy to the same conclusion.

THE NIGHT OF THE ROLLMOP by Raptor: When a careless barmaid spills beer on a customer's new shirt, he takes revenge in the time honoured fashion. The girl apologises and offers him a complimentary beer - but is she quite as contrite as she appears to be?

NO MORE SPANKING! by Saradora: Spencer declares flatly that she will no longer accept JC's spankings. Can their marriage survive?

OLD NEIGHBOR'S SHED by JCP: When Linnie and Mandi go to stay with their Grandma they warn her to slow down as she goes past her neighbour's house. The pair are shocked when they discover that Mr Beck knows how to deal with their Gran!

PAINT BUTT by Lily P: This story is about a bunch of friends that go Paint Balling but incorporate a spanking theme into the game. It focuses on the Spankings that Caitlin (cat) receives from Snake (her husband), other spankings are implied as well.

QUALITY CONTROL by Spankdaddy: Mary is finding it very hard to finance her college years now that her father has lost his job. Her sharp eyes espy a job offer for an unusual quality control opportunity. Once explained, it seems even stranger but it is within her experience and she soon discovers that there are other perks to the job!

THE RECORDING by Mr McSpank: The young lady narrator has a new upstairs neighbour who seems to have a great many female visitors. Strange noises emanate from his apartment, and the narrator is curious. She buys a tape recorder and a mike with a long lead, and 'bugs' his room. Her curiosity is satisfied when she hears him giving a young woman a spanking with his belt for failing grades and disobedience. But then a note appears through the hole she has drilled in her ceiling to plant the 'bug'. What will she do now?

SECRETARIAL MISCONDUCT by Chuckbruder: Gloria knows her boss is strict but it is not until she is caught misusing the internet whilst at work that she finds out just how strict he can be. He spanks and paddles her, much to their mutual delight.

SHARED PASSION by Seegee: Two lonely hearts, Craig and Michelle, who share an interest in spanking meet and discover that their shared passion unites them.

SHOPPING AT THE THRIFT STORE by Ryan Rowland: Alan Harper was a Lottery Millionaire, but he had his principles and avoided gold-diggers. Julie Powers was down on her luck. By chance they met at the Thrift Store, but under strained circumstances.

SPANKING ROULETTE by Maryanne: The tension builds as she lies there, secured by sheepskin-lined straps, the officially specified clothing pulled clear of and cruelly revealing her bottom. The women who brought her hence had unemotionally assured her that she would only have to expect to wait for one hour. But it wasn't an easy wait in this vast space with the various implements laid out beside her.

SUGAR AND SPICE by Miss Lizzy: All her life, Lesly has ignored the voices - the whispers - that haunt her dreams. But now, on Halloween, she is to learn what they mean, and how much she really needs them.

TELL ME A STORY by Quillis: Two people snuggle under the covers. The woman suddenly wants to hear a story or some kind of fantasy that her lover can make up. He begins to tell the story but is constantly interrupted by his loving partner. She's told of minions of evil and things that happen to her; things that involve a certain degree of pain. She is told there is one who looks like her cousin whose name is Larry. She'd like to see that person up close and personal at the end of the story. She is certainly surprised.

WHY MARY LIKES YELLOW by Raven: For Mary, the yellow cab takes her away from the reality of what she has to do to survive. Then one day David finds her. He wants to help and the next night he takes her back to his apartment. She only wants one thing from him though, help to forgive herself for what she had to do and to draw a line under it. Again the yellow cab takes her away, no wonder David hates yellow.