Monday, 11 February 2013

Monday, February 11, 2013 -

A Grandfather's Bequest

by Ryan Rowland
Published: Feb 11, 2013
Words: 19,395
Category: general
Orientation: M/F
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Jessica Lawson was annoyed as she zoomed through the parking lot of the nursing home and whipped her BMW convertible into an open space. The twenty-year-old woman had expected to be at the beach with her friends by now, and was impatient at the delay. But when her grandfather called and specifically requested her to visit at eleven o'clock today for a meeting with someone, she could hardly refuse. After all, he was one who funded her carefree lifestyle, and she hadn't visited him lately. Jessica experienced a twinge of guilt when she realized she couldn't remember the last time she had taken time out of her schedule to visit the old man. Her life was just so busy, it was hard to find the time. And besides, the nursing home was depressing.

Jessica had been orphaned at the age of thirteen when her parents were killed in a car accident, and had lived with her grandfather until she was eighteen. But the first day she was able, she had moved into her own apartment to gain privacy and freedom. She knew her grandfather loved her, but he was just too old-fashioned. She had to get out on her own. Well, on her own except for the generous allowance he provided. Why should she work or go to school when she had a wealthy grandfather to provide for her? Life was a party!

"Jessica! It's good to see you," her grandfather exclaimed as she entered his room. "You remember my old friend, Donald Parker, and this is his son, Daniel."

Daniel Parker kept his face impassive as he sized up the attractive young woman. She had a nice trim figure and the light brown hair that cascaded over her shoulders was streaked with lighter shades of blonde. Her cute face belied the self-centered vanity he'd heard his Dad discussing with Jessica's grandfather.

"Hi Granddad." Jessica was startled to see how weak and frail he looked. He had been fairly healthy when she had moved out on her own, but became ill and had to move to the nursing home shortly thereafter. She nodded at the other two men in the room. She hadn't met Dan Parker, but remembered his father Don, and resented him. Many years ago, he had served under her grandfather in the army and had once saved his life. The young soldier had become almost a second son to the older man. Jessica had been shocked when her grandfather told her he was leaving a sizeable portion of his estate to Don. As his only living relative, she had expected to receive everything.

Jessica glanced briefly at Daniel. He looked a lot like his father, but appeared to be in his twenties, not much older than she. She thought him attractive, and her eyes automatically flicked toward his left hand as she noted there was no wedding band. But when she looked back at his face, she thought she noticed a trace of disapproval as he and his father returned the nod.