Thursday, 7 February 2013

Thursday, February 07, 2013 -

The Great Spanking Anthology: Sampler

by LSF Publications
Published: Feb 07, 2013
Words: 26,177
Category: general
Orientation: M/F
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From Volume 1:

THE GENERAL by Alef: An invading soldier takes pity on a girl who is being molested and takes her under his protection. Twice he has to have her whipped by his servants. At last he can see his way to having his will with her; after all rank hath its privileges!

PASTOR ROBERTS by Clifford Dorset: Falling asleep during a sermon proves to be a bad idea for Lily Ann when the Pastor tells her to wait behind after the service. He tells her that her husband must start to punish her regularly, and he uses a paddle on her to demonstrate. She leaves with a piece of cloth to show the colour her buttocks should be after punishment.

From Volume 2:

AN ARTIST'S MODEL by Lucy Appleby: When Jane's step-brother Anthony discovers her modelling nude he blackmails her into taking the belting he was due from their Dad. Poor Jane is still recovering when Anthony appears in her room with a cane...

HORSES FOR TAWSES by Firefly: Samantha is enjoying her office job at St Celia's girls' school, getting on well with the Headmistress Freda Faversham. Intercepting a private conversation between her boss and PE teacher Janet Sharp, she cannot resist hiding herself to observe the action!

From Volume 3:

THE REVIEW by Jacqueline Scott: The attractive and enigmatic Alice Godfrey attends what is clearly an annual appointment, going through a well-accustomed, rigorous routine. This involves a very testing medical examination, physical measurements and a detailed interview. On receiving her 'score' she presents herself for the expected consequences.

WELL DESERVED by Targetarear: After 10 years of marriage, Rick and Susie discover the delights of spanking as foreplay. Annoyed at her flirting with other men, Rick gives her a good spanking that she objects to strongly at first. But later, when she returns to bed ...

From Volume 4:

DEAN PLUMPTREE'S SORT OF PEOPLE by Pastor: Dean Plumptree and his fellow clerics respond to the Bishop's letter to the 'Times' on the topic of young women being as deserving of severe punishment as are schoolboys. Rev Hollinghurst frequently beat his lovely daughters, as did the Dean his own daughter, Tryphena - amongst many others.

THE RECORDING by Mr McSpank: The young lady narrator has a new upstairs neighbour who seems to have a great many female visitors. Strange noises emanate from his apartment, and the narrator is curious. She buys a tape recorder and a mike with a long lead, and 'bugs' his room. Her curiosity is satisfied when she hears him giving a young woman a spanking with his belt for failing grades and disobedience. But then a note appears through the hole she has drilled in her ceiling to plant the 'bug'. What will she do now?

From Volume 5:

THE MOORLAND INN by Geraldine Hills: Lost on a stormy moor, Judy is rescued and taken to an Inn - an Inn she somehow missed seeing. Are Tom and Rose all they appear to be?

TEMP(TRESS) by Tara Black: Miss Cooper is late on the first day of her secretarial job, and to make matters worse, the strict Dr Wilkins overhears her rude remark. In order to avoid being dismissed and reported to the Agency, Miss Cooper agrees to receiving six of the best with the cane. Her loose tongue earns her another caning subsequently. Later, Dr Wilkins learns more about the enigmatic Miss Cooper.