Thursday, 7 February 2013

Thursday, February 07, 2013 -

The Great Spanking Anthology: Volume 6

by LSF Publications
Published: Feb 07, 2013
Words: 88,685
Category: femdom
Orientation: F/M
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AN ACTIVE RETIREMENT by John Graves: Mary shows her concern for her newly unemployed husband by encouraging him in his first retirement project. Little thinking that she would really intend to use it, he crafts a lovely object but fails in the further task. She leaves him in little doubt as to her future expectations.

ANOTHER APPOINTMENT by Jimm: A man attends a meeting with his regular mentor/disciplinarian. He knows, from the report that he sent her the day before, that he will be receiving a pretty hard punishment and is correct when he thinks that he will want to stand on the train on the way home!

AUNT MARTHA by Naughty Clyde: An 18 year old Senior in High School is staying with his Aunt Martha for two weeks. While he is at her house he gets caught in her panty drawer. He is given the option of a spanking or two weeks grounding and missing Prom. Guess what his choice was ...

BEST EVER LEAVING PRESENT? by Tapada: Discussing his forthcoming retirement with his colleague, Carol, John banters with her, suggesting that for his retirement present she should give him the good hiding she has been promising for so long. Carol doesn't need much persuasion, and she borrows a sexy outfit and some spanking implements from her dominatrix friend. A date and time are agreed on, and John experiences his spanking - including several cutting strokes from 'Mr Biggy'.

BUYING SLIPPERS by Medici: A mother, accompanied by her 19-year-old son's fiancé, goes shopping to buy slippers for the purposes of spanking her son later that day. He is later spanked otk while his fiancé looks on in amazement.

CAUGHT! by Christian0539: Shortly before finishing work for the day, he receives a series of cryptic text messages from Giselle who is at his flat. Keeping him in ignorance of his fault, she is clearly intending to give him a serious punishment. It is the worst he has ever received, although the sex afterwards is amazing. When he awakes, she has gone but has left a message...

CLAIRE by Paulb85: A messy encounter in a coffee shop leads to a lot more. Claire gets him to her flat, so she can punish him. Once there he receives 12 strokes of the junior cane before a friend arrives and the two continue his punishment. By the end he has taken a long and painful caning but has also really enjoyed it and can't wait for the next time.

THE DEPLORABLE INCIDENT IN THE LIBRARY by Yenz: A fairly benign women's club takes on a new purpose when a guest speaker advocates the spanking of women. The women decide to give him some of his own medicine and from then on they decide that the club should be about domestic discipline for their men!

EXPIATION by Crimson Kid: Five German soldiers miraculously survive a Soviet missile attack and take shelter in a snow covered cottage also miraculously well stocked with provisions. They are caught off guard and are taken prisoner by five Soviet female soldiers/nurses and before long find themselves thrashed mercilessly for all their past crimes. But all is not as it seems, there is redemption through suffering.

A FAST LEARNER by Supermario: Caught peeping at a wife spanking her husband, Mario is also spanked by the wife. What he doesn't know is that she called his wife as soon as he left ...

FORE AND AFT by Patrick Kaykes: While on a pre honeymoon cruise, our hero indulges his obsession for women's bottoms by becoming the sole judge in a 'Best aft' competition and enjoys the delights of ogling and squeezing some twenty bottoms. After passing out, he awakes to find himself tied up and about to be spanked by each woman in turn with a variety of implements. He discovers that these women are his future wife's friends and that a bet had been made that if he entered the competition as judge then they could all spank his behind.

GEORGE AND THE DON by Rachel Redbum: George owes the Don $50,000 and is now late in paying it back. He asks the Don for another week to pay back the money as he is about to close a deal. The Don finally agrees on the condition that he accepts a paddling from his enforcer, Rachel.

THE KNAPS INSTITUTE by Alan de Veau: He has a secret so deep inside him, weeks of therapy have not unearthed it. His therapist sends him to the 'Knaps Institute' and there a computer gets the hidden information in a matter of minutes. He is then forced to face his hidden desire head on, before he is given a painful form of aversion therapy.

MONA LISA SMILES by Werther: Manager of an office largely staffed by women, he is pleased when one of them offers to host a party for his 35th birthday. Towards the end the few guests remaining suggest a 'shared' birthday spanking, nine swats each, but he is blindfold. The results are interesting, remaining a well-kept secret.

MR. CLEAN by Esskay: Drinking and housekeeping issues drive Ginny to spank her husband and Paul has the expected response to his painful punishments. With time comes changes, though, and after trying to keep the house in order but failing Paul brings Ginny the hairbrush.

MY TEXAS EDUCATION by JGH57: John is on a road trip when his car breaks down. He goes into a diner, where the proprietress overhears him lying to his father on the phone. She deals out some retribution, followed by some good ol' Texas 'hospitality'.

NO NONSENSE MOTHER-IN-LAW by Bendover: Rick needs to grow up and his mother-in-law is sick of bailing him out of trouble for her daughter Layne's sake. She gives him one last warning about his behaviour and then tells him that as he behaves like a child she is going to treat him like one and sends him to her study.

ON TOUR by Sprocket: Lydia and Jacob have been close for a long time, since meeting through their love of the theatre. Lydia knows that sometimes she needs to take him in hand. It is not until he does something stupid, and Lydia finds herself terrified of losing him, that she realises how much she loves him. She punishes him for his actions but this only serves to bring them closer.

PADDLED BY THE APARTMENT MANAGER by brian9: Facing losing his apartment after one too many parties, Jack agrees to submit to a paddling from Sally, the apartment manager. As his girlfriend Debbie looks on, Jack gets 59 strokes of the paddle and afterwards, back at the apartment, the two have the best sex ever. Debbie has never been so turned on and decides that spanking Jack will definitely form part of their love-making from now on.

THE PENITENT by Thomas Bruns: Ms Border is surprised to open the door to young Lance, whom she hasn't seen for many years. He has a strange tale to tell concerning his 'calling' to the Priesthood - before which he must make reparation for earlier faults. Apparently he had been the guilty party many years ago when she swore vengeance - and he needs her to collect her dues!

PRIDE by KD Pierre: Jeff and Mary do not get on which is how Jeff finds himself over his wife, Ivette's knee with a very sore bottom. He just can't apologise to Mary even with the threat of being spanked in front of her. Looking at her grinning at him makes the words stick. After another spanking he gives in and apologises but then Mary gets to spank him too. It seems this was what Ivette planned all along.

QUARTERBACK by Lurking Col: A quarterback having to deal with the stress of being on a losing streak gets spanked by his wife.

RED RUMPED! by RedRump: Red Rump has arranged a meeting with Penelope over the internet and he is nervous when he arrives at the meeting place. He is late and Penelope is less than pleased! She spanks him then makes him fill a sink with hot water, instructing him to immerse his hot and sore bottom in it. As he soaks she fetches the cane and tells him she is going to teach him a lesson he won't soon forget. Spankings on a wet bottom always hurt more!.

RON'S OLDER SISTER by Canadian Spankee: Ron has a tatty old car, but he is convinced it will get him and sister Dora to a family reunion and back. Dora would have preferred to hire a car, and threatens a spanking if it breaks down en route. When it packs up two hours from home, Ron hopes the fact he is 21 will save him, but Dora keeps her word and Ron gets a spanking to beat all spankings!

SHANGHAI BOUND by Nswitch: Air stewardess Polly is the latest victim of Captain Jones' sexist abuse. She suspects anyone who complains loses their job and so decides on a completely different course of action. One that is incredibly painful for him but also something of a turn on, for them both.

SNOWBOUND by Steve Timmons: 18-year-olds Lindsey and Mike enjoy a birthday spanking session to remember when she goads him into accepting spankings by hand, hairbrush and strap, claiming that she's just trying out various birthday spanking traditions she's read about. Though reluctant to admit it, Mike enjoys it all as much as the openly gleeful Lindsey, who finally gets her wish and beds him for a snowbound night of bliss.

SPANKING CLINIC by Tomppa: He always wondered if his wife minded spanking him before sex. His question is answered when she tells him, one day, that she has been offered a position as a spanker, in an experiment where men are spanked to improve their concentration. He goes to watch her at work and finds the whole experience very arousing.

THE STORE by Sam Slosslake: University students Jen and Jason feel rather shy when they visit a store to buy a paddle, and wish to try one out. Sarah the assistant is more than helpful, even to the extent of demonstrating the paddle's qualities most expertly!

UNIFORM INSPECTION by Torres: The Headmistress and three young trainee teachers discipline a young man who couldn't be bothered to keep to the uniform regulations.

A WELL-SPANKED BOTTOM by Dominic Black: Away from home in his first year of University, the timid Dominic lives alone, augmenting his grant by various odd jobs. Befriended and intrigued by a 'mature' hippy for whom he gardens, their strange relationship develops when he weeds in the summer sunshine...