Sunday, 17 July 2016

Sunday, July 17, 2016 -

The Spanking of Teenage Daughters - Book Two

by Grace Brackenridge
Published: Jul 02, 2016
Words: 25,156
Category: teen
Orientation: M/f, F/f
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Bald Face Liar Goes for Broke

Just to be clear, a bald-face (or bold-face) liar is one who tells brazen, audacious lies - lies that are perhaps believed only because they are so boldly stated. In other words, a bald-faced lie is one that is told in a compelling and convincing manner.

Go for broke means putting all your chips on the table. Betting big. Like taking all your winnings and placing them on 13. On a double 00 roulette wheel, you have one chance in 38 of winning. That's only a 2.63% chance. Slim odds.

But if 13 comes up on my $10 bet, I win $350.

This is a story about using bald-face lies to go for broke.

Take big chances. Win big.

Regarding context, this is a story about two 15-year-old cheerleaders from the junior varsity squad.

Most importantly, this is a story about spankings.


After JV cheer practice, Paige Primrose and I walk over to her house on Drury Lane. We'll do our algebra homework together there.

We're still in our cheer uniforms.

Secretly, I look forward to seeing her Uncle Matthew again. He's staying with Paige's family for a few weeks.

When I say 'uncle', I bet you think that Matt - if I may be so familiar - is of the same generation as Paige's stepdad.

True, they're half-brothers. They do share the same dad.

But Matt is the consequence of a May-December romance. A 'love' child, Matt is the offspring of their dad's second marriage to a trophy wife.

That explains why Uncle Matt is so much younger and so much better looking that his brother Preston.

I mean no disrespect to Paige's stepdad. I'm just trying to be totally honest here.


Matt Primrose is 24, a grad student in computer science at State.

And cute!!

Matt makes me tingle all over. When I walk by him, the scent of his aftershave makes me all squishy, if you know what I mean.

But then, I'm 15. I'm probably just going through a phase.

Almost every cute boy easily arouses me.

And in Matt's case, I worry that he is maybe too cute, if you know what I mean.


Paige's mom and dad are still at work. We have the entire Primrose house to ourselves.

Paige asks her Uncle Matt to help us with our algebra.

We set up our textbooks and assignment sheets at the kitchen table.

Paige casually mentions that we both got 69% on our last algebra test.

Her Uncle Matt says matter-of-factly, "Paige, if I were your father, I'd spank you for earning a score like that."

"What?" exclaims Paige. "You've got to be kidding!"

All of a sudden, my tingling goes into overdrive.

Just hearing Matt say "spank" makes me swoon.

Uncle Matt says "spank" so smoothly.