Friday, 29 July 2016

Friday, July 29, 2016 -

Second Childhood by Choice

an age regression novella
by Peter Martin
Published: Jul 16, 2016
Words: 18,695
Category: ageplay
Orientation: F/F
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It started quite by chance... 24 year-old Emma lived just a few doors away from 36-year-old Stephanie. They became friendly and one day were having coffee at Steph's house. Steph was in a state of despair with her two kids - Billy aged ten and Joel aged eight.

"Last week they were a nightmare," Steph complained. "I had to spank them both twice. Thank goodness they are off to camp the day after tomorrow for a couple of weeks."

"How often do you spank them?" Emma asked.

Steph sighed. "At least once a week. It used to be more often but I guess they have improved."

"So spanking worked?"

"No doubt about it," Steph enthused. "My Mum never spanked me and I was a bit of a tomboy. I wish she had dealt with me more strictly."

"My Mum never spanked me either. Even now I reckon it would do me some good."

"Really?" Steph queried. "At your age?"

Emma blushed as she admitted, "I sometimes wonder what it would be like to be a twelve-year-old again and to be subject to a much stricter disciplinary regime."

"Are you sure?" Steph asked, smiling. "It would be far more restrictive than you might think."

"How?" Emma's blush deepened.

"Oh, doing as you are told all the time and getting spanked if you don't."

"Yes, but if I had experienced that when I was twelve I would know."

"If you really want to, why not let me be your strict Mum to your twelve-year-old you?" suggested Steph.

"Sounds like an idea," Emma said, biting her lip. After a moment she asked, "But how would it work?"

Steph smiled and made a suggestion. "If you want you can come and stay with me when the kids are away. I know you go to work. However, if you take a couple of week's holiday you can stay at home with me. You will have to act and behave like a twelve-year-old and I will be the strict mum. Hey, I mean the very strict mum."

Emma liked the idea. "It does sound cool. But look... I know I want to experience a strict upbringing, but do you really want to have to deal with a naughty twelve-year-old?"

Steph was enjoying herself. "I'm going to have to do exactly that in a couple of years time, so it will be good training."

Emma took only a minute to decide. "It's a deal then, Steph," she said gleefully.

Steph glared back. "It's a deal then, Mum," she corrected.

Emma laughed. "Yes, sorry, Mum."


Two days later Emma carried two suitcases in to Steph's house and took them up to the spare bedroom. Emma put the cases down and looked at the bed. There was a school dress laid out on it; a short-sleeved green and white gingham checked dress with a front zip and two front pleats.