Thursday, 21 July 2016

Thursday, July 21, 2016 -

The House of Correction

by Anthony Payne
Published: Jul 14, 2016
Words: 26,098
Category: femdom
Orientation: F/M
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Jennifer sat watching the storm. Ordinarily, sitting this close to the rain, watching as the droplets of water did their graceful dance down the side of the coffee shop window would have delighted her. But today the beauty of nature that had fascinated her all of her 24 years of life brought her no joy. If anything, the darkness of the skies reflected the gloom she was feeling in her heart.

She probably should have called Megan and cancelled. She certainly wasn't fit to be good company for her friend today. Then again, maybe she needed to talk to someone about this. If there was anyone in Clear Falls that she could unload this burden to, it was Megan.

How, she wondered? How do I tell my best friend, the one I stood beside when she was maid of honour on my wedding day, that the marriage is now on the rocks? How do I drop that bombshell on the table over weekly coffee? Oh my, these muffins are great... by the way Megan, did I tell you that Paul is slowly turning into a huge ass and I'm thinking of leaving him?

She glanced around the coffee shop for any sign of her friend. Except for her and the attendant behind the counter (Susan... Sandra maybe?) the tiny café was empty. She and Megan had purposely chosen mid-mornings for their weekly coffee dates. They had selected this cafe for that specific reason. It gave them a quiet time, that sweet spot after the morning rush of patrons had vacated the tables. While the world's early morning crowd were en-route to their individual office cubicles and construction sites, two friends could casually sit and nibble at sugar- coated pastries and sip endless cups of mocha or latte uninterrupted.

Today Jennifer was early and Megan was nowhere yet to be seen. She was sure now that she should have called Megan to cancel. She returned her stare towards the rain's ballet against the window pane and fell a little deeper into that pit of depression that her heart was digging.

She was still gazing out the window, still well past the rain and into her troubles at home, when her lifelong friend came up behind her. Megan was juggling two cups of French Vanilla and a plate with a couple layers of dark spiced bread that Sandra had called 'pumpkin slice'. She was smiling, assuming Jennifer to be lost in storm. Her friend's love of the rain was something Megan Davis had seen countless times over the course of almost 30 years of companionship.

As the clatter of the coffee mugs being set upon the table brought Jennifer out of her trance, the smile quickly disappeared from Megan's face. She asked a question that she could already clearly see the answer to.

"Jen, are you okay?"

Watching the joy drain out of her friend's expression was the final straw for Jennifer.