Friday, 1 July 2016

Friday, July 01, 2016 -

Abraham Heights: Season 2

a spanking soap opera
by DJ Black
Published: Jun 17, 2016
Words: 27,455
Category: domestic discipline, school
Orientation: F/F, M/F
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Episode 1: Home with the Heavers

The 28-year-old English lecturer was lost in her thoughts following her run-in with Mrs. Main, and she had a lot to think about. Her rapidly spinning head was still reeling with the agreement she had made. She was still blushing for God's sake, and at both ends, she thought ruefully.

One more run-in and she would either face public humiliation or very private and very regular intimate submission. She wanted to rail against the world and scream at its injustice, but she didn't feel any sense of injustice. Was that what bothered her most? Oh for sure she could take the college to a tribunal or even sue its ass off at a state or even federal level, but that seemed churlish of her somehow. She had come to Abraham Heights for the adventure and she had found it.

Besides, she somehow doubted that she was the first outsider to run afoul of the town's quaint little punitive customs. It was a cert that it could take care of itself and maybe at greater expense to her interests.

No, she had three choices as she saw it and that was why she had taken an evening walk around town to clear her head.

Firstly, she could try and stay out of trouble, but in her heart she knew that she would fail. That was a strategy she had employed for weeks now and something, probably her little self-saboteurs, was thwarting that approach.

Secondly, she could accept the situation, along with a weekly maintenance spanking and whatever other indignities Mrs. Main had in mind for her. Or thirdly, she could move out.

Donna sighed. The last was obvious, but then she thought of the rows of bare-bottomed college girls and the proximity to all that spanking adventure. She couldn't tell herself that it wasn't what she'd signed on for, it was. Even an experience or two at the hands of some hunk was not out of court. But such regular childish humiliations so close to home...? Her hands stole to her 'home' and rubbed it tenderly. If only... she sighed, and then looked up.

She was in a well-to-do area of town and Donna had taken in the quaint wooded street on a whim. Now she found herself outside a house set back from the others. It was a large home with a yard big enough to hold a ball game. It was certainly the largest on the street, not that its neighbours were exactly small. But there was something about this house that made her stop.


The two young women sitting next to each other on the couch were blushing hard and exchanged glances. No doubt they both felt a nauseous tingle assaulting their stomachs, that and an age-old disconnect that said that it wasn't happening.

The feeling was nothing new to Mindy Heaver.